Armchair BEA Day Four — Nonfiction


Today’s genre topic is Nonfiction.   I never was really interested in nonfiction until I took a Literary Journalism class, where we focused heavily on memoirs.  Ever since then, I’ve become obsessed with memoirs.  I think it is the fact that it is a specific point in time, something that is usually the most devastating point in a person’s lives (I tend to pick morose topics for some reason).  When I read a memoir, I feel like I’m right there with the author experiencing that moment in life with them.  It speaks to the human condition and the idea that we are connected in this life.

Here’s a few of my favorite memoirs:

running yearofmagicalthinking twokisses lookme heartbreakingwork girlinterrupted exactboyalone nightintothewildemergence

And here’s a few that I’m dying to read:

wesmoore stillpoint bloomworldsstrongest things thinaircarryyou








*Click on any to learn more.*

What are your thoughts on nonfiction?

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14 thoughts on “Armchair BEA Day Four — Nonfiction

  1. The idea of reading a memoir scares me a bit I think, eve though I’ve gone into such deep issues in books the fact that what happened to some of these people is so real just makes it that much more emotional I think. Though I have to say, some of these books do sound interesting, and the fact that you are experiencing some of these things with the author does appeal to me. I’m really interested in The World’s Strongest Librarian for some reason, so I will have to watch for a review from you 🙂

    • It is scary and that is exactly why — with fiction, you can empathize with the idea, but in memoir, you are empathizing with a real person who experienced the pain. Thanks for stopping by!

    • I think the fact that I picked some of the most devastating books is what does it — death of children, spouses, family, etc. I turn into a sobbing mess, but when I’m done, I just want to read another. Plus the books about moms with children that have special needs or medical issues put me right there b/c of my son.

  2. I read Night in high school and I remember liking it a lot too 🙂 A very different memoir, but also a good one that I’d highly recommend, is How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran – depending on your tolerance for some explicit sex stuff, anyway.

    • Ahh, that is one I saw earlier on goodreads when I was pulling links. I’ll definitely have to check it out. Thanks!

  3. Read Running with Scissors and my heart broke for Augusten. He writes very openly and it is kind of tragic to learn how crazy and unpredictable his childhood was and how bizarre and mentally unstable his parents seemed. Quite a great book!

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