Top Ten Tuesday (11)


It’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is:

Top Ten Books Books Set In The Future

I love books about the future.  Especially space.  I love seeing what things stick and what things evolve.  I love seeing how our customs/ideas get twisted and changed over the years.  It makes me think of what we think about the past now and what really happened.  Like in the future what will historians say about ipods?  Will they be mind control devices or something the ancient people used to plug in with others… You get the idea.  Whether it is pretty or a totalitarian society, I love that little glimpse into what could be. I actually have 13 this week, because there were so many good choices.  SO, without further ado, here are my

Top Ten Thirteen Books Set In The Future


1. These Broken Stars


Two strangers from two different worlds… The daughter of a rich space pioneer and a poor solider deserted on an unknown planet.  The two have to learn to work together, survive, and figure out the mysteries of the world they crashed into.

2. Delirium


In a world where love is a disease, will you take the cure or become infected?

3. The Hunger Games


To atone for the sin of trying to overthrow a government, the society sends 12 boys and 12 girls to sacrifice each year.  Only one can survive.

4. Across the Universe


A young boy who will one day lead a ship of people and a young girl woken after 300 years of sleep.  The two will come together to unlock the mysteries of their current home (a spaceship) and their future home (a new, undiscovered planet).

5. Shatter Me

bannerShatter me new

A young girl with the power to kill with one touch.  She will change the world.

6. The Knife of Never Letting Go


A young boy in a society of men who hear every thought.  What happens when he finds someone whose thoughts he can’t hear… And who is a girl?

7. Uglies


In a world where pretty means perfection, would you choose to be who you are, even if it meant staying ugly forever?

8. Inside Out


In a world inside, can there every really be a way out? And what will we find when we do?

9. Unwind


In a world where the young can be unwound, what lengths would you go to so you could stay in one piece?

10. Matched


If the government could pick your entire life, how far would you go to make your own choices?

11. Enclave


There is no world above.  Underground is the only safe place… Or is it?

12. Divergent


Faction before blood… Selflessness, Peace, Intelligence, Bravery, or Honesty — which do you choose?

13. Verita/Concisus


They sent us here to colonize a new planet… They gave us the knowledge we needed to prepare the planet, but what else are they putting in our minds that we didn’t ask for?

So, that’s it.  What about you?  What setting did you pick this week?


76 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (11)

  1. i read most of these, i really liked inside out, across the universe, and divergent. All of them are all so similar, i honestly can’t even tell the difference between the matched series and delirium.

    • It’s slow at first, but give it a chance. It is one of my favorite series. I have some of those ‘I should have read this series a long time ago’ books as well!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. You’ve got a great list here! I have read the majority of them and the ones I haven’t yet read are on my TBR. 🙂 I particularly love Shatter Me.

    This week I decided to do my favorite books set in New York City.

    • I know, I can’t imagine waking up and everyone you’ve ever known has been dead for hundreds of years.

      But I’d definitely sign up for an intergalactic space sleep.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nice list! I have read a couple of them, and a couple I have on my TBR list, but I just haven’t really gotten the chance to read them yet. Or just didn’t feel like reading it just yet and other books decided to go first. I’m also a big fan of dystopian/future books myself :3

  4. My Top Ten was dystopian so we have a lot of the same books. I haven’t read The Knife of Never Letting Go or Unwind and I hadn’t heard of the Verita series, I need to check that one out! And I can’t wait to read These Broken Stars, I keep hearing such great things about it! Great list!

    • TKONLG is an amazing series!!! I still need to read the second book in the Unwind series, but the first was great. And the Verita series is indie, so it isn’t well known, but Tracy Rozzlynn is an awesome author.

      And These Broken Stars is my favorite book of the year. Definitely preorder it, SO worth it. I’ve already got my print copy ordered!

  5. I’ve seen this topic a lot today for TTT. Books set in the future are so popular, and I’ve heard so many good things about the books you’ve listed. I’m actually not a fan of futuristic books, though, so I’ve never read them. I am curious about These Broken Stars, though. I’ve heard it’s wonderful, and that cover!

    • I understand, it is definitely not a setting for everyone. HOWEVER, I do highly recommend These Broken Stars! When I was reading it, I would just go and stare at the cover for awhile. Gaw, gorgeous!

  6. Ahhh! This list! Anything I haven’t read on this list is on my TBR pile. And I’ve loved everything I read except Enclave which I have rather mixed feeling about (but am still going to read the last book anyway)

  7. I really want to read The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. A Monster Calls is one of my favourite books. Have you read that one? If you haven’t I highly recommend it! I haven’t read Lauren Oliver’s Delirium series, but I really enjoyed Before I Fall.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :).

    • Tell me what you normally like to read and maybe I can point you in the right direction 🙂 I definitely know what you mean about intimidation when reading outside your comfort genre 🙂

    • I do that a lot when the final book in a series comes out. BUT I will say, I was really happy with how things ended.

      And yes, DIVERGENT is one of my favorite books, so definitely you should read it soon!

  8. Oh my gosh! So many great picks! I loved Shatter Me, Divergent, The Knife of Never Letting Go, Unwind, Matched, The Hunger Games, and Delirium! Haha that is like more than half your list. XD

  9. Great topic, great list! There are a bunch here that I’ve read, and at least one (The Knife of Never Letting Go) that’s on my must-read-now list. New Bloglovin’ follower!

  10. LOVE Divergent and the Hunger Games, enjoyed Matched and The Uglies. I completely identify with your fascination with the future. I mean what will they think about tanning beds? “The humans got inside cancer boxes to make their skin dark.” Or Facebook, “These humans were very social with 1,564 friends.” Crazy stuff!

    The Matched system of matching couples doesn’t seem too far off from the technology of E-harmony or And The Uglies seems the have most realistic future of all of these!

    Love your list! Thanks for checking out my TTT!

    • HAHA YES you see what I mean! It reminds me of the Doctor Who episode with the Titanic space ship where the ‘human expert’ has all these facts about humans and Christmas and they are just WAY off.

      I’m glad I ran across your blog! Thanks for visiting and hope to talk books more in the future!

  11. I loved the Hunger Games. I haven’t read the other books on your list yet but I have Matched and Divergent on my TBR list. I can’t wait to read them because everyone that I know that has read them thinks they are great.
    Loved your list! Thanks for visiting my TTT.

  12. You have so many good choices! I’ve read so many on your list, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the ones I haven’t. Uglies and Inside Out are two of my favorites!

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

  13. I think I tend to shy away from futuristic books because they tend to be dystopian or sci-fi, which are two genres I don’t always enjoy, but when done right, I really enjoy them! Personally, though, I’m hoping for a book about a futuristic society where everything’s perfect and the antagonists isn’t a controlling government! That can be interesting, of course, but I want to see something new!

    I’ve read and enjoyed some of these books, such as Shatter Me and Hunger Games, and I’m starting to think I’ll want to check out These Broken Stars after hearing a few people gush about it before it’s even out!

    • Haha, it would be interesting to see the future minus a controlling government. Apparently we all don’t put too much trust in the powers that control right now 🙂

      THESE BROKEN STARS is my favorite read of 2013. I seriously cannot recommend it enough!

  14. I have the Hunger Games and The Knife of Never Letting Go on my wish list and I am so excited to get round to them. I do love books set in the future, particularly when they are a bit dystopian-y. Great list!

  15. You have a couple that I absolutely loved among a couple that I haven’t read yet… I am especially excited to pick up across the universe and enclave. Don’t tell anyone, but so far this week your list is my favorite. 🙂

  16. Great list! I’m super excited to read These Broken Stars! I love what you wrote about books set in the future. Lately I’ve been itching for more books set in space, like Across the Universe, which is why I had to choose sci-fi for my list!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I’m following back! 🙂

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