Book Blitz & GIVEAWAY — Silver Heart by Victoria Green


Today’s book blitz hosted by Xpresso Book Tours features Silver Heart by Victoria Green.  Silver Heart is a new adult contemporary romance that was released July 25, 2013.

About the Book

kissing in bed
Silver Heart by Victoria Green
Publication date: July 25th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when they must decide which road leads to personal happiness. For Dylan Silver, this is that moment…

For the past twenty-two-years, Dylan has been living in her parents’ carefully crafted world, always putting her own dreams on hold to play the role of a dutiful daughter.

So when her best friend coaxes her into a winter getaway to a mountain cabin, she sees it as a chance to forget about the responsibilities waiting for her at home. At least for a little while.

But then her past catches up to her–in the form of sexy snowboarder, Sawyer Carter.

Six years ago, Dylan bid goodbye to the only boy she ever truly loved. Now he’s standing right in front of her, bringing up bittersweet memories and igniting suppressed desires as he dares her to be the person she has always wanted to be.

Dylan and Sawyer’s unexpected meeting is a second chance, but will a girl who doesn’t believe in fate and taking risks be able to overcome her fears of losing control and finally embrace the life she desperately wants?

Only one thing is certain: after a week in Whistler, Dylan’s world will never be the same.

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“I wish I could just crawl into your brain and erase away the past,” I told him, trying to smile through the pain in my heart.

My words seemed to shock him. He placed his fingers under my chin, gently lifting it so that our eyes could meet. “Don’t ever say that again. I wouldn’t let anyone to take away my past—no matter how bad some parts of it had been.” He pulled my face closer to his, resting his head against mine. “Because that would mean getting rid of you, Silver.”

We stayed frozen in place for a while, our foreheads touching lightly. Sawyer closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, breathing me in. Overwhelmed by his proximity and his icy scent, my head began to spin.

“But if we didn’t know each other you wouldn’t have to worry about having the worst snowboarding student in all of Whistler,” I finally said, breaking the tension.

His head rocked against mine as he chuckled. “Shut up. You were great today.” Then he pulled away and reached for the sushi container. “And you’ll be even better once we get some food in you.”

“Food?” I blurted out, unable to hide my disappointment. It washed over me like a bucket of ice cold water. I had been hoping for a different type of comfort. One which was less food-related and more Sawyer-based. My body was still tingling with the memory of what his skilled hands had done to me the night before. As the images flooded my mind, my breathing quickened and my nipples hardened, mounting under the fabric of the kimono.

I crossed my arms over my chest and took a deep breath. “Let’s take the sushi to the living room and find a good thriller to watch,” I suggested in an attempt to calm the excitement coursing through me. Guns and explosions would keep my thoughts in check. If my body was going to tingle, it may as well be from the thrill of a chase scene. Not Sawyer’s panty-dropping gaze. “I saw a couple of new releases in the DVD collection. I imagine action flicks are still your poison, right?”

“They are.” The right side of his lip quirked up in a slow, crooked half-grin. “Though I’m surprised you’re not championing The Notebook.”

“I only made you watch that with me because Maddie was away the summer it came out,” I said defensively.

He chuckled. “The first time. But what about all those other times I had to sit through it?”

“Cut me some slack. I was a thirteen-year-old girl.” In like with a guy I wasn’t even supposed to be hanging out with. Subconsciously, I may have related to the star-crossed lovers portrayed in the film.

“And I was a fifteen-year-old guy,” he retorted. “You should’ve known that blood and guts were much more important for my development than kisses and love stories.”

“Well it’s a good thing that I’m going to find a movie with enough blood and guts to make up for all those times I made you watch a chick flick,” I shot back.

He shook his head in feigned displeasure. “It’s too late now.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“Because now…” His hands slid to the side of my stool and dragged me closer to him so that his mouth was an inch away from mine. “…I happen to enjoy kissing.”

My eyes dropped to his lips. “Is that so? You like kissing girls?”

“I like kissing a girl.”

“Lucky girl.”

“Very lucky girl,” he replied as his eyes darkened. “Especially since I want to do a lot more than just kiss her.” His tongue snaked over his bottom lip in a predatory manner, causing my own lips to part in response.

Though he wasn’t actually touching me, I could feel the heat emanating from his body. It drew me in like a moth to a flame. I wanted to dive into his fire, surrender myself to whatever pleasures he was promising.

But then he doused that blaze by saying, “I’ll wash the cherries, you get the sushi, and let’s get started on that movie.”

What? No, no, no! I wanted to get back to the kissing talk.

“I’m not that hungry.” I ran my fingers through my hair in an attempt to regain my composure.

“Why do you look so disappointed?”

“It’s just that…”

Why was I feeling let down? And so freaking turned on?

“Were you expecting me to say something else instead?” His fingers drifted to the side of my neck, as his thumb grazed over my bottom lip, tugging at the soft, plump flesh.

About the Author

Victoria Green is a New Adult author who enjoys writing about unspoken love and second chances. She’s a travel junkie and a huge photography enthusiast. Her experience growing up a war-torn country has helped teach her the importance of living life to the fullest and appreciating every single day. She believes in true love, good chocolate, and great books. She lives in Canada with her high school sweetheart (though he’s graduated to a fiancé now) and their pack of puppies, and also writes Young Adult novels under a different name.

Connect with Victoria

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Inside the Author’s Head

Why did you choose to write New Adult?

It was in one of my university lit classes that I fell in love with the classical Bildungsroman. I believe that the New Adult category is a modern twist on coming of age novels. It focuses on a very important time in our lives between our teen years and “real” adulthood that has been somewhat underrepresented in popular culture in the past.

I love writing about characters overcoming hurdles, growing, and learning from experience. I’m a big believer that no one is perfect and we’re never done developing, and the New Adult Contemporary genre is a great place to explore the human psyche. Or, at least, that of my imaginary characters!

What is Silver Heart about?

Silver Heart is a story about friendship and love. It’s a tale of relationships standing the test of time, as well as a second chance at love. It focuses on a week in a life of a “lost girl” who yearns to find her place in the world, but is too afraid to stand up to her family and societal pressures.

This may sound tame in comparison to battling zombies or solving murders, but “normal”, everyday problems are often some of the hardest to overcome. Personally, I know that finding my voice and gaining strength to stand by my own decisions were some of the biggest challenges I faced as a New Adult. It’s no different for Dylan Silver—except she also has to deal with feelings for one of her childhood friends, Sawyer Carter. A boy she never had a chance with due to their complicated pasts.

Instead of setting the story in a fantastical world like I enjoy doing with some of my other books, or focusing on high-intensity, soap-opera drama, I wanted this book to be very realistic and mostly character-driven. I wanted Dylan and Sawyer to be “real” people who could actually exist somewhere out there in the world. I hope you enjoy it!

Why the sport of snowboarding?

Umm…hot snowboarders, anyone?!

To tell you the truth, I haven’t read a single YA/NA book about snowboarding. I know they’re out there (if you have any good recommendations, please share!), but I felt like the sport was so underrepresented that I needed to do something about it. I’m a big snowboarding buff—though I’m more on Dylan’s skill level than Sawyer’s—so I felt quite passionate about this topic. The research into the competitive aspect of snowboarding was extremely interesting and informative.

Did I mention hot snowboarders?

During what must have been a momentary lapse in common-sense, I actually initially set the story during a summer lake retreat (same plot, but different setting!), but then realized that seeing Sexy Snowboarder Sawyer in action, rather than just talking about his snowboarding would be much, much more entertaining! Duh!

I do have to admit that writing a sexy story set in winter was slightly more complicated than anything I’d written before. Too many layers, if you know what I mean. I had to get creative. Reeeeally creative! 😉

Who is your favorite Silver Heart character and why?

Probably Sawyer. I seldom crush on my characters—I tend to love them all platonically, but he was special. I love the various layers of his personality—from the sweet to the sexy and everything in between. While I tend to go for NA “bad boys” (who doesn’t?), I wanted to take Sawyer in a different direction that may perhaps be somewhat atypical. I didn’t want to write him using any kind of formula. In turn, this made him much more “real” to me. I’m already midway through writing a new book with a very intense new hottie, so I need to enjoy Sawyer while I still can.

I also love Maddie. I was initially worried that the readers would find her a little too “out there”, but my Betas quickly came back with “WE LOVE MADDIE!” notes, and my readers have responded similarly. I’m so happy that her character came out exactly how I intended her—she’s wild, carefree, and lives life in the moment. But she’s also fiercely loyal, kind, and intuitive. However, as a character, I think she still has a lot of growing to do. After graduating high school, she hit the road and never looked back. Yes, she’s achieved things in her career, but I would love to see how Maddie handles a more serious life situation. In fact, I’ve already plotted out her story, and it has made me cry. Many times! If there is reader demand, I’m thinking about moving it up on my book cue and releasing it ahead of some other planned releases.

Of course, Dylan is also very dear to my heart. Being the main character, she has the most maturing to do. She has been trained to follow her parents’ dreams and be a perfect daughter to a point where she lost some pieces of herself. She’s also feeling guilty about the fact that she’s questioning her happiness, when she should be thankful for things like good health and financial security. I think one of the biggest lessons she has to learn throughout the book is that sometimes it’s good to let go and listen to your heart instead of your brain.

What type of reader would you recommend Silver Heart to?

Silver Heart is a New Adult Contemporary Romance, perfect for readers who enjoy sweet, sexy love/friendship stories. It contains some foul language and it features certain sexual situations, so reader discretion is advised. If you’re looking to heat up your summer or warm your heart on a cold winter day, snuggle up to Sawyer.

What is your next project going to be about and when will it be released?

My next book, Crimson Road, is a story about a guy and a girl who don’t get along, but due to unforeseen circumstances, get stuck on a road trip together. It’s also a NA Contemporary Romance, but there is a bit of mystery incorporated into the story. It’s almost opposite of Silver Heart, because it’s about a couple who dislike each other due to their past connection, so that will be fun to explore! It should be out in November, 2013. I also have some YA projects to get ready to release, so it’s going to be a busy end of the year!


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5 Silver Heart Bookmarks
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