Tackle Your TBR Pile READ-A-THON

Read-a-thon Tackle Your TBR

The lovely ladies from Colorimetry and Tressa’s Wishful Endings have come up with this great Read-a-thon to help reduce our TBR pile. The Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon begins September 8th and ends September 21st. You do not have to be a blogger to sign up – so check out their sign up pages and join in the fun! They will be using Twitter hashtag #TackleTBR.  You have until September 16 to sign up, so hurry over!

Have you figured it out yet?  I’m kind of sort of addicted to Read-a-thons



So the way this one works is easy… You’ve got from September 8 to 21st to read as many books in your TBR pile. And blog about it. Easy peasy.

Since I’m the queen of high expectations on read-a-thons, I’m going to go for 16 books.  Yes, I am.


To make things easy, I’ll be keeping my stats all in this one post.  Let’s do this.

Sept 8: 

Book One: Relativity by  Cristin Bishara
Book Two: Chaos by Christine O’Neil (REVIEW)

September 9:

Book Three: 15 Minutes by Jill Cooper

September 10:

Book Four: Where The Sun Still Shines by Trish Doller

September 11:

Book Five: The King’s Guard by Rae Carson

September 12:

*No books*  — I took a night out with a friend, so no progress tonight.

September 13:

September 14:

September 15:

September 16:

September 17:

September 18:

September 19:

September 20:

September 21:

11 thoughts on “Tackle Your TBR Pile READ-A-THON

  1. Ooh I love your gif use 🙂 I gotta learn the art of gifs. They make everyone’s posts fun.
    Ok I might have to use that idea of listing out which books I finish on which date. Though some of the dates might be lonely. Dang girl though 16 books? You are a reading machine! 🙂

  2. Whooooa, how is it even possible for you to read that many books? I’m pretty fast, but with living and such, there’s no way I could read even a handful of my TBR pile in that time fram!

    • I don’t sleep much and I read really fast. Once I get started, I won’t go to sleep until I’m done. It’s pretty lofty, especially since I just got a job hire today, but like I said, go big or go home 🙂

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  5. Awesome goals! That is normally what I do to, set super high goals. I hope you reach them and love all the books you read! Glad you joined us! 🙂

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