That’s What He Said (9)


The lovely ladies over at Chapter Break have started a new meme on Thursdays!  That’s What He Said is simple: Just pick a favorite quote from one of your book boyfriend to his heroine. Keep in mind these are direct quotes from dialogue in a book!

Today I chose to spotlight a book I’ve been putting off for awhile.  MOSTLY because my heart is still a little bruised after the culmination of the series ending.  However, Alex Sheathes from the Delirium series definitely should make this post sooner or later.  So, here’s a few gems from Delirium.

(Photo credit – TUMBLR)

“And how she looked at me like I could save her from everything bad in he world.

This was my secret: she was the one who saved me”
― Lauren OliverAlex

“I told you,” he whispers back. I can feel his breath just tickling the space behind my ear, making my hair prick up on my neck. “I like you.”
“You don’t know me,” I say quickly.
“I want to, though.”
― Lauren OliverDelirium

They’ve all been asleep for years. You seemed… awake.

― Lauren OliverDelirium

Ahh, another spectacular series that will just rip your heart out.  Those are fun aren’t they?

Until we meet again,


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