Top Ten Tuesday (16)


It’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is:

Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

This week’s prompt says: You are reading and then SOMETHING happens to completely turn you off — cheating, absent parents, multiple POVS etc.  Yeah, we can all relate to those things that make us roll our eyes.  Here’s ten on my list!

Top Ten Book Turn-Offs



1. Contrived back stories

You know, you’re reading along and all the sudden you hear that stupid montage music they use in sitcoms.  Or the asterisks.  Come on, use some creativity!


2. Badly done love triangles

It’s overdone and it makes the reader feel trapped into some sort of feelings battle for who should win the protag’s heart.


3. Formulaic story-lines

It’s probably not that noticeable if you read a handful of books a year.  But when you read a lot in one genre, you start seeing patterns.  But books shouldn’t be write-by-numbers, and readers can see that.


4.  Endless supply of money

It’s just not realistic.  Especially to *most* readers.  (I’m looking at you Noah Shaw!)


5. Insta love

People don’t (on a large whole) fall in love that way.  Not so fast and so hard.   Give us more credit, please.


6. Forbidden love

It’s just getting old.


7. Females that always rely on knight in shining armor.

We do need others, but to make a girl sound weak and only about her love for her boy is just disrespectful.


8. Typos

This is the English teacher and life-long lover of grammar, but I hate when the book has multiple typos.  I get stuck on them.  I can’t focus.  They are distracting and unnecessary.  And there are too many good editors out there.


9. Shirtless covers

Seriously, I can use my imagination.  And if you have to show me a topless man to sell me the book, I’m going to think it probably isn’t that good.  Don’t sell your book short!


10. A mis-leading synopsis

No one likes to be duped into things, especially reading a book they *thought* was about one thing, but turns out to be another.  COME ON.

So, that’s it.  What about you?  What setting did you pick this week?


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (16)

  1. I agree with your points. 🙂 Especially the ‘write by numbers’. I keep coming across it more and more, and it’s slowly driving me crazy. When you can replace character names, with those of another novel–it’s time to change things up.

    Your list layout had me grinning like a fool. Loved it. 🙂

    My TTT

  2. Ok, I admit it, I still like forbidden love. Poorly done love triangles (which are most of them) are really annoying, insta-love that makes no sense also makes me crazy. Sometimes I don’t mind when it’s a high-stress situation (dystopian/post-apocalyptic) and they spend a ton of time together and they can die any second. Then it’s ok. But if they barely talk and all of a sudden they’re “in love,” that is a definite turn-off. And shirtless covers are the reason they invented the e-reader! Finally, don’t knock one of my book boyfriends, Noah Shaw!! 🙂

  3. Oh I really agree with all of these! I totally forgot about “endless supply of money” – there’s too many books with this BS. And topless guys on covers – I won’t pick up a book like that. I’m not that into romance anyway.

    My Top Ten Tuesday.

  4. Ha, shirtless covers. But it’s true–they’re EVERYWHERE. It’s annoying and they all look the same. And mis-leading synopsis is a good one. I don’t like when a synopsis doesn’t explain a book properly at all, but I feel different about when it doesn’t do the book justice.

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  5. I agree with you on all of your points, but especially number 7. We need to actively encourage girls to grow up to be strong women. Making female characters weak is counter-productive to that end.

    • One of my biggest pet peeves and complaints in YA. It is so much more than the books girls are reading, it is perpetuating a cultural phenomenon that must be broken!

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