My Bookish Confessions (2)

My Bookish Confessions is a new feature here at Such A Novel Idea.  I started this weekly feature to reveal some of my secret quirks when it comes to all things books.


My Bookish Confession (2)

I never turn library books in on time. Like ever.

I am the worst library patron.  And one of my closest friends is a librarian!  I either put off the book til the last minute, or read it right away and forget.  And then I signed up for text reminders, thinking that would help.  But no, I am physically incapable of turning it in sans a money exchange.  I feel guilt, but obviously at 29, things aren’t going to change.  On another note, I could have donated quite a sum to the library endowment with my late charges, so… I guess that’s something.

So, what’s YOUR bookish confession?



13 thoughts on “My Bookish Confessions (2)

  1. I smell books the moment I pick it up. If I don’t like the way the pages smell, I will put it back–but this usually only happens when I am searching for a new book at the library. I haven’t ever turned a fresh newly bought book down… yet.

  2. As a librarian, totally don’t mind. Never be embarrased about paying fines. Don’t even really care about the returning the book late part unless its a. got other people waiting for it, or b. it’s so late we have to start trying to track you down. Apart from that, it’s people like you that pay me to be there 🙂

    • Ahh, haha, this comment makes me feel better! And I always make an effort to get the wait list ones back, but usu. I just avoid them, because I would feel bad. It’s one reason I love the Overdrive system, because they automatically take it off your device. Otherwise, I’d never get those in on time either.

    • YES which just makes it worse when you turn them in late. I love the drive thru drop off, so I don’t have to see the shame of my total cost until the next time I really want to check something out, HAHA.

  3. I was literally just thinking today about how I need to limit my library check outs…I have an overdue book now, but I’m half-way through it and someone else has requested it…finish it and rack up more fines or read it later? To be decided…

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