New Reads Monday — Week of October 22


What’s new in YA this week?  Find out here!

This week, arguably the most anticipated book of the year is FINALLY coming out.  I cannot express how beyond excited I am.


That’s all!

Oh wait…

This is awkward…

There are other books coming out, aren’t there?

Which books are YOU excited about?


7 thoughts on “New Reads Monday — Week of October 22

    • I’m finishing up Destiny today and going to speed through Divergent & Insurgent tonight and tomorrow. I want to be ready for Allegiant at midnight if I can, lol.

      And yes, that cover on Teardrop is pretty spectacular! It intrigues me, but I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, so it is one I’m putting on the hold list at the library.

  1. *laughs* I love how you did that with Allegiant. There are definitely times I feel that way about certain books being released (or movies, as the case may be…). Alas I haven’t read any of the books in that series, but I am looking forward to Reality Boy – whenever I get around to reading it.

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