Cover Reveal – The Curse of Betrayal by Taylor Lavati


Today we are excited to participate in the cover reveal for Taylor Lavati’s upcoming book, The Curse of Betrayal.  The Curse of Betrayal is the second book in the Curse series, and is a young adult greek mythology-inspired book.  It will be released in January 2014.  Taylor just sent me the first book, The Thousand Year Curse, so I’ll be reviewing that soon!

SO… Ready to see the cover?

About the Book

Custom Book Cover Taylor official

The Curse of Betrayal
A Curse Books Novel (#2)
Release Date: 01/14


Ryder has finally decided to take her life into her own hands but things don’t always turn out as they seem. Ollie and Ari have made a pact that leaves Ryder alone until she chooses her soul mate. But she can’t pick until she ends the curse that looms over her every day. Although her new roommate at Demi God Academy is her exact opposite, Kara is able to teach Ryder to trust again and gives her a chance to have real high school experiences—as real as a half Goddess can be.

With her knights practically absent, Ryder learns to be independent. She sees things in her visions that change her perspective on the curse and herself. As Ollie continues his mission to find Athena, they discover that maybe she doesn’t want to be found.

As strange things start to happen at DGA, Ryder realizes it all comes back to her. She must protect her new friends in ways she never thought imaginable. Her new powers leave her strong and fast but as new threats start to surface, she may not be strong enough to protect them all.

In book two of The Curse Books, Ryder will discover what it really means to be Eurydice.

Learn more about the first book in the series, The Thousand Year Curse:


The Thousand Year Curse
A Curse Books Novel (#1)
Released: 08/13


Being a teenager isn’t all fun and games for seventeen year old Ryder. After being thrown down the social hierarchy, Ryder Mason has one goal for her senior year- survive.

Within the first month of school, Ryder goes from bullied teen to a cursed half goddess with two boyfriends. As if that wasn’t enough, she travels into the Underworld to confront Hades about the curse and her missing mother.

Ryder delves head first into a Godly world as her two knights fight to seek her approval, her best friend’s loyalties are tested and people’s true intentions are shown in the first Curse Books novel.


*Book One is FREE right now on Amazon!*

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high school hell

I pull in a ragged breath hoping to regain my composure but it’s no use. My heart races and spots blur my visions making me stumble out of the bathroom. I collapse onto my bed and the chills take over, racking my body in long tremors of terror.

With numb hands, I reach towards my night stand for my cell phone needing my crutch. I send out a quick SOS text and hope that Junior is awake.

Shooting pain travels up my chest making my short breath even shorter. With the lack of oxygen I start fearing that I might pass out and the full on panic starts to take over.

“What’s wrong?” A worried voice rings out in the room seconds later. My vision is still spotty but I’d know that voice anywhere.

“I can’t—“ I start to say but I don’t have enough breath to even complete a god damned sentence. I’m frustrated with myself for letting the panic take over me again so I start banging my fists on the bed hating this empty person I’ve become.

“Shh. I’ve got you now, Ryder.” Junior soothes me, holding me tightly in his arms so I can’t break free. I try to fight him for a second but eventually melt into his arms loving the comfort he continuously brings me.

Whenever he comes to my rescue like this, it brings me back to my first panic attack about two years ago. I used to be this bubbly, outgoing typical popular girl in school but then one day, my life turned upside down.

My best friend Becca screwed me over. She spread nasty rumors about me to the entire school, turned all of our friends against me and left me to rot on the gym floor. If it weren’t for Junior finding me curled up in the fetal position, I would have stayed there paralyzed all day.

I’ll never forget the way he stood by me no matter what people said. He took the heat along with me and has been outcasted ever since. The only difference is that he genuinely doesn’t give a shit and moved on, making new friends who also have the same I-don’t-care attitude.

He could care less what Becca or Kevin, the school power couple, think. He could careless if they call him an emo kid for his colored mohawk or a band geek for playing the drums.

Whereas I let the torture sit inside of me and eat me from the inside out. Is it so bad to want to be included and have friends? I don’t think so but through the past few years, I’ve learned a lot—never trust anyone.

After I’m quiet and coming down from the panic attack, Junior lets me go. I rub my arms up and down, the chills still present in the background but no longer a contributor to my pain.

“I’m sorry.” I tell Junior hating how he has to come to my aid all of the time. I definitely feel like I hold him back but I have to be selfish—I need him to get through these.

“Don’t apologize. I don’t mind.” He says, grabbing my desk chair and sitting himself down on the comfortable swirler across from me. He knows the drill by now and if that attack shows anything, it’s that the night is going to be a long one.

“I hate that they’re starting up again.” I say, burrowing my head into my hands hoping that I can just crawl into a dark hole and never come out.

“It’s just because you’re nervous about tomorrow.” He says, “After that, I’m sure they’ll fade away again. You just have to know you’re okay. I’m here for you.” He says rolling over to me and making me look up at him.

“Okay.” I say not really convinced.

“I know when you’re bullshitting me.” Junior says when I roll my eyes in his direction. He tackles me onto the bed, pulling his hand up my side to tickle me. He starts the war and a few minutes later, I can barely breathe but for a different reason.

We end up watching reruns of the Walking Dead in each others arms but it’s exactly what I need the night before the start of my senior year. I fall asleep in the crook of his neck but my sleep is far from sweet. I’ve been having bizarre dreams night after night that leave me restless.

About the Author


A college student in her small town in Connecticut, Taylor loves everything having to do with literature. She is an avid reader, a blogger, a writer- obviously, and a reviewer. Her favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, young adult, and romance.

Connect with Taylor

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Visit Taylor’s blog to enter to win copies of both books!

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