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It’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is:

Top Ten Books On My Winter TBR

Sometimes as a book blogger I’ve got so many books I’ve committed to read, that the books I just want to read for fun get pushed to the wayside.  That’s why I told myself from December 14 (school’s out!) until January 1, I can read ALL the books I’ve been putting to the side for one reason or another.  After making my list, I realized MOST of them are either A) series enders or B) series I need to start.  So basically, I guess I’ve been putting them aside, because I don’t want the series to end and/or I don’t want to be addicted to another series that I have to pine over.  Oh well, there’s a time for everything I suppose.

Without further ado, here are ten of those books!

Top Ten Books on My December Fun Reads List

1. Crown of Midnight


I pined over this book and then when it finally came, I never got to it. Then I decided it was my reward for making it through this incredibly rough year.  It’s actually what inspired me to start this fun reads month thing.

2. The Bitter Kingdom

Bitter kingdom

I admit, I don’t want it to be over.  I am in love with this series and I want Elisa and Hector to have a HEA, but I wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet.

3. Fangirl

I don’t know. I just don’t know. It’s going to be amazing. I’m going to love it. I hug it every now and then so it knows I still love it. But, alas, it remains unopened.

4. Horde


The suspense has been killing me, but I need to re-read the entire series.  And I don’t need to be interrupted by Shakespeare and other school work while I’m doing it.

5. InfinityGlass


I actually reread Hourglass before it came out so I could be prepared. And then… I got busy. And distracted.

6. The Infinite Moment of Us


I have to admit I coveted this book because of that gorgeous cover. I mean, the book sounds great, but that. cover.  I even bought it with my gift card (which I usually reserve for the most special books!) so that tells me I really wanted it. And yet, it remains unread.

7. Champion


I started this book, but I felt bad for only reading recaps of Legend and Prodigy.  But then I remembered I just read the books in January and February, so I couldn’t really justify rereading them in the same calendar year.  Even Goodreads won’t give you credit on the challenges when you do that. But I started reading and realized, I need to get back into the zone and that means rereading the entire series. So, it was put off.

8. Splintered

splintered unhinged

Everyone keeps talking about how amazing this series is and I love Alice & Wonderland.  After I got the ARC for Unhinged, I bought the beautiful hardcover of Splintered and put it on that shelf of books I knew I wanted to read soon!

9. Shadow & Bone

shadowandbone seigeandstorm

Sadly, this was on my Summer TBR list. I was GOING to read it.  And then I didn’t. And then Amazon had a huge sale and I got both for like $6-7 total. So now, I have NO excuse.

10. Cinder & Scarlet

cinder scarlet

Another pair that was on my must read this summer list. Another pair I never got to.  However, I won the pair (signed and everything!) so I have them ready and waiting!

I just realized this is a guilty list. I would have been guilty reading them and not reading them. What a conundrum! However, I own them all, I’m incredibly lucky to have some AMAZING books ahead of me, and most of all, I’ve got them time!  This is happening and I cannot wait!

So, that’s it.  What about you?  What books do you plan to read this winter?


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29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (26)

  1. 1. CoM was my favourite book of 2013 so I’m always excited to see it on people’s list. DO IT DO IT DO IT!!

    2. The entire rest of the list sums up the top of my giant TBR pile hahaha. At least your not alone in not having read Cinder or Shadow and Bone!

    • I just am so excited about it. I have ONE more paper and ONE more final. And then it’s on.

      YAY I’m glad someone else has great books like those on the TBR. If only we didn’t need sleep!

  2. Oh snap, I’m hoping to read Splintered this winter too! I’m reading Throne of Glass right now, and love it so far, so I can see Crown of Midnight being the next book I read. I’m planning on reading Champion & the Grisha books as part of an end of year readathon so I can’t wait to get to those. I really liked the Lunar Chronicles books so I hope you enjoy them (& I’m so envious of your signed copies!) 🙂

    • ToG = AWESOMESAUCE! (haha, sorry my son has been playing too much furby boom)

      I’m so so so lucky to have won all those signed books from Fierce Reads. It’s by far the coolest thing I’ve won so far!

  3. Great list!

    Cinder and Scarlet are on my Winter TBR as well – I want to get caught up before Cress comes out in February!

    I need to read Fangirl as well – and Eleanor & Park, but I have a feeling those two will be ones I’ll need to dedicate a whole to day to so I’m waiting until I can do that. Hopefully it won’t be much longer, though!

    • Yes, I am definitely going to hold on to those two closer to Feb. so I won’t have to be in the anxiety-ridden waiting game.

      E&P = I read it one Sunday and it was nice to take the time to highlight and make notes. Definitely is one you don’t want to rush!

      • RIGHT?!?! I mean, I know we’ll have to wait for Winter once we read the first three, but since that one doesn’t have a release date yet and Marissa is still editing/writing it, it hopefully won’t be as bad. Well, until this time next year…

        Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard about all of Rainbow Rowell’s books! Some people tell me they read it in one night, others that it needs to be savored, so I know I need to find a weekend where I can do nothing but read for each one.

  4. Fangirl is on my list too. Hoping to get it for Christmas (if not, I’ll be buying it for myself) and want to read it right away! You will love Cinder and Scarlet – two of my favorite books of the year. Great list, enjoy!

    Amanda @ i solemnly swear

  5. Wow, lots of great books! I’m the same as you with some series, I haven’t started Shadow and Bone yet either. But I have read Splintered and Cinder, and they’re both amazing! Fangirl looks so cute, I’m going to try and get to that one of these days:) Here’s my Top Ten.

  6. Awesome list…I’ve read most of these, and I can attest to how awesome they are and that you should definitely read them immediately! 😀 Also, you’re making me wish I had the time to re-read them. I do still need to catch up on the Hourglass series and I still want to read The Infinite Moment of Us…someday. *sigh*

    • I *hate* not having time to reread books. But I AM glad to hear that I have some good books in my immediate future.

      And yeah, I totally understand. I feel guilty about reading fun books when I have ARCs to read.

  7. Series are killing me. I feel the same way, I have to re-read even if it’s been less than a year for me (actually, even if it’s less than six months). So I reread Enclave and Outpost before I read Horde and I’m so glad I did. I loved Horde! And I reread Legend and Prodigy too before reading Champion. Again, so glad I did and I loved Champion! I still need to read Splintered, I’ve heard such great things about it. And Throne of Glass, Cinder and Scarlet…loved them! Have fun reading!

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