New Reads Monday — Week of December 17


What’s new in YA this week?  Find out here!

Again, a relatively light week.  However, Fracture Me & Dangerous Dream are two novellas I’ve had pre-ordered forever! I can’t wait.


Which books are YOU excited about?

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5 thoughts on “New Reads Monday — Week of December 17

  1. Hurray for The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place #4!!!! 😀

    And I already have What We Lost in the Dark thanks to the Soho Teen book club! *hugs it* Still haven’t read the first one (What We Saw at Night) but I don’t care because I am so happy to have them both within reach!

    I’m also really intrigued by Fireblood, and if I ever get around to reading the Beautiful Creatures series, I will have to get Dangerous Dream. I haven’t read the Shatter Me series yet either. Whoops… And I haven’t really heard all that much about Cy in Chains. Must go look into!

    • I have actually never heard of that series, but I like your enthusiasm. It tells me I need to check it out!

      And this is a series I want to read. YAY for winning it!

      BC = great! So much better than the movie

      And OH MY GOSH you need to get Shatter Me.

      • The Incorrigible Children is really good, one of the reviewers who described it as a mix of Lemony Snicket and Jane Eyre is absolutely correct if that helps any 🙂

        Haha, it looks like I know what ones I’ll have to read come February if not January – I need to get caught up on some new installments in a few different series first!

    • Novellas are definitely hit and miss for me. I’ve read some great ones and a few ‘eh’ ones. Since Warner’s POV was so great (and really important to the storyline IMO), I’m pretty excited about Adam!

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