My Bookish Confessions (6)


My Bookish Confessions is a new feature here at Such A Novel Idea.  I started this weekly feature to reveal some of my secret quirks when it comes to all things books.

My Bookish Confession (5)

I have owned more e-readers than cell phones in my life.

This one is going to be hard for me to cop to.  When I tell people this, I feel like I MUST go through all the qualifiers.  I mean, I’m not a tech-obsessed person.  I don’t *need* the newest gadget.  But somehow, I’ve managed to own 3 Nooks and 4 Kindles (2 were free replacements under warranty, if that makes it sound any better) since I started my e-reader journey. Yes, major *shame face* here.

1. The Nook (original)

My dear, sweet husband saved all his extra money and bought this for me.  It was quite amazing when I first got it.  It didn’t have a back light and it didn’t have a touch screen, but I loved that thing to pieces.  It now lives with my dad who uses it as a bible at church.

2. Nook Color

About a year later, I decided to get a Nook Color.  I mean, HELLO my e-reader had light. And I could read magazines.  Sure, it wasn’t a need, but it was my tech splurge.  My aunt now uses this since wasn’t quite sure she was ready to make the e-reader plunge.

3. Kindle Fire

My friend had one and I was so envious.  My Nook Color was not that great and I ended up reading so many books in print, I almost had given up on e-readers.  Plus Amazon was always having great sales.  SO, I bought one. And I was in LOVE with the Fire.  Except I read it so much, I ended up having to get glasses.  And it was too much ‘computer screen’ reading.  Plus I NEVER had it when I wanted it, because my kids wanted all the games it came with.  I did have to get it replaced once, hence #4.  Thank goodness for Amazon’s amazing warranty & replacement program!

5. Nook Touch

Basically, I had all these Nook books I was having to replace on Kindle or just not read.  BUT THEN… Radio Shack had an incredible sale, where they put the Nook Touch on sale for $15. So, yeah, I bought that bad boy.  Even if I only read it a couple of times, and it doesn’t have a back light, it was definitely worth it to have access to those books.

6. Kindle Paperwhite

I excruciatingly read and discerned whether I really needed ANOTHER e-reader.  I mean, yeah mine was always getting stolen, but I had one.  And yet, the whole backlight thing was just too tempting.  After two months, I bought it.  And I have read on it  The only thing I can do is read books and I love it.  No one but me comes near it, the battery life is incredible, and it lets me sort my books into folders.  It did have to be replaced once (#7), when the screen spontaneously got a minute crack in it.  I’m pretty sure that is the punchline to the joke “you know you’ve read too much when…”

So, that’s it.  Those are my shameful secrets of consumerism with e-readers. Even bigger secret: I wish my Kindle Paperwhite had the Goodreads button.  BUT, I will not buy a new one. (I hope).

SO, now I just have two.  The Paperwhite (aka my boyfriend) and The Nook Touch.


So, that’s my eccentric quirk for the week.  What’s YOUR bookish confession?

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11 thoughts on “My Bookish Confessions (6)

  1. That’s crazy! 7 ereaders!
    I’m only up to my second as of Christmas! But only because my old sony was stolen. 😦
    Lets hope you stick with the kindle paperweight for a while and save some money. Great idea for a post, by the way!

    • Yes, serious shame face right now, haha. I only have two now though, so that’s something, right!?!!

      I have had the Paperwhite for *almost* a year and have no plans to change. It fits all my needs and really is just the perfect e-reader for me.

      And thank you 🙂

  2. Wow, that is a lot, but you have really good reasons for getting each one, right? I’ve had two. I started with a Nook Color, but it was slow and I hated reading NetGalley books on it, since they had an expiration date. So I got a Kindle Fire HD which I love. It not only is a reader but I can check email, doFacebook, Twitter, Goodreads and everything else you can do on a tablet. Plus my NetGalley books don’t expire, yay!

    • Yes, the expiration thing gets me every time. I’ve lost books to that more than once, so the Kindle is definitely winning that race.

      And yes, I hope my reasons are good. I’ve only had 5 cell phones in my life, so obviously when you compare it’s o_O, but if you take out the two replacements, it is 5. And I think I use my e-reader more than my cell phone, haha.

  3. I’ve had a bunch too. I first got the sony e-reader, way back when but then I wanted a regular kindle. Then I got the fire (same thing, could read magazines, watch movies and tv shows, and I liked the backlight but then the screen was too similar to a computer screen). So now I have a paperwhite, which I love (just like a book, no glare, but with built in light). And I’ve asked for the new fire, but big, for traveling (to watch tv/movies and magazines). So yeah, I’m right there with you. But it’s fun!

  4. I recently won a Kindle Paperwhite and am waiting not so patiently for it to arrive. I’ve heard so many great things about e-readers, but could not afford one on my own. And I’ve always hated the emails telling me about great sales for ebooks, and I can’t do anything about it, yet.

    • Aww, yeah, I understand that!

      I’m so happy you won though. There are SO many great deals and the paperwhite is the closest you can come to a book – you’re gonna love it! Congrats on winning 🙂

  5. My story is quite similar! I bought the Sony Pocket almost 4 years ago, quickly returned it and went back to print books. It was too small. Then, I bought a Kindle 3G [2nd version of Kindle I think], but sold it a year later when the Nook Touch came out. Then, my husband spent his Christmas bonus on a Kindle Fire for me after a miscarriage, because he knew it would cheer me up. I gave it away a year later to a soldier getting ready to be deployed because I never used it. I soon sold my Nook Touch to buy the Kindle Paperwhite. I love the Paperwhite nearly as much as I do my kids. Shew. Maybe I do have a problem! HA!

  6. I have a Kindle Fire and I love it so much but I reaaaally want to buy the Paperwhite because the computer screen is starting to hurt my already bad eyes. Nice to know I’m not the only one that wants to own (and does) more than one e-reader.

  7. Haha, this is great. You can tell you’re a book nerd when you have owned more e-readers than cell phones! Personally, I am an adamant hard copy person simply because I like the feeling of a book in my hands and the page-flipping and cover-stroking that go along with it. I’m glad you have finally found a device that works for you, though! 🙂

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