New Reads Monday — Week of December 31

new reads monday

What’s new in YA this week?  Find out here!

It’s the LAST week of 2013.  Even so, we’ve got several new reads.  I’m excited about Afterparty and I’m thinking of finishing out the series by reading The Offering.  And if you haven’t yet, read my review of Promise of Amazing.  Oh and Prime members can get Timebound FREE with Kindle First!


Which books are YOU excited about?

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12 thoughts on “New Reads Monday — Week of December 31

  1. Well, I already have an ARC of The Book of Love as well as the first book, but I haven’t read either yet though they sound really good! Same goes for Timebound as (yay, Amazon Prime!). Some of the others, though, I haven’t yet looked into. Must rectify that!

  2. Hey, Jess. I never see any thing in your posts except text. For instance, in this one, I see the paragraph starting with “It’s the LAST week of 2013” and then it’s blank until “Which books are YOU excited about?”. I do see the book covers and other graphics in the sidebar, just not in your posts. Any idea why?

        • I think it is because I usually get them as photo links from Amazon, which is probably why they are not showing up. You are the second person to mention it this week, so I’m looking at changing how I do this. Thanks for letting me know and SORRY about the blankness.

          • Well, you’re good at listing titles and authors in your tags so all is not lost 😉 Interesting this is happening, though, as I can’t imagine why Amazon cover shots wouldn’t work. I get mine from B&N or Goodreads and I assume they’re working okay or else visitors aren’t telling me if there are problems.

            Happy New Year!

          • I don’t know, it is pretty annoying. I was doing it to save space from d/l book covers (plus it is so much faster since Amazon provides the code). And yeah, I’m definitely a fan of the tags, haha.

    • See, I was lukewarm with The Pledge so I never picked up book two. I HATE not finishing things though, so I’m seriously thinking I will have to read the second book just to see how it goes.

      I’m glad to hear Timebound is good and EVEN more excited now that I got it for free! I’ve never used the Kindle First thing, so that’s pretty exciting.

      And yeah, I was pretty let down with PoA. It just didn’t deliver like I was expecting it to. Of course, after reviewing for the last 8 months and reading SO MANY DANG BOOKS this year, my tolerance is way higher than the normal persons. I guess that’s a sign that I’m becoming a true critique!

  3. I gave my ARC of Afterparty to my sister to read because I’m so behind on January releases. 😦 I’m also a book behind in that Kimberly Derting series. D’oh.

    • I HATE being behind in series when I’ve read the first one. Even if I didn’t *really* like the first one, I feel compelled to see it through. Dust Lands is another I need to finish.

      And I am SO behind on Jan. releases, because there are so freakin many coming out this month. I think I have 10-12 ARCs coming out on Jan. 7th alone!

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