A Year in Review — Hello 2014, Goodbye 2013!

happy new year

2014 is finally here if you can believe it (I can’t!).  In some ways, 2013 was the longest year and in others it flew by.  It was definitely a year of challenges, but it ended a lot better than it started.

PLUS, I found my place in the world when I came into this blog.  So, I can’t help but be thankful for that.  Here’s a little review about 2013, as well as my look forward to 2014!

book stats

reading stats

books read:  234
biggest month: february (35 books)

blog stats

reviews: 70
blog tours: 42
giveaways: 113

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2013 in review



daughter-cover1. daughter – if you leave

2. the xx’s

3. joshua radin – wax wings

atlas-genius-cover4. atlas genius

the-lumineers-cover5. the lumineers


1. ruby sparks

2. catching fire

3. frozen

4. great & powerful oz

5. I Love You, Man
(Because this will forever be in my favorites, no matter when it came out.)

things that happened

1. started book blog

2013-07-27 14.00.56
2. first author signing

2013-10-30 11.22.44
3. new job
(the only pic I have of my desk – I was pretty excited when my graphic tablet came in!)

2013-12-29 12.00.27 2013-12-29 12.09.23 2013-12-29 12.31.14
4. Saw Greek and Roman antiquity pieces at the San Antonio Museum of Art

5. somehow became a dog person


1. paperwhite

December 2013 Birchbox 1
2. birchbox

3. samsung galaxy s4

4. Benefit

5. Vanilla Chai Tea


overdrive-app1. overdrive
because having access to your library on your phone is just rad.

wordpress-app2. wordpress
I can keep up with my blog from anywhere!

wundlerlist-app-logo3. wunderlist
BEST listmaking app I’ve found

goodreads-app4. goodreads
So I can always know what a book is about

google-calendar5. Google Calendar
More of a sync than an app, but makes my life a whole lot more organized!


from this year

these-broken-stars eleanorpark unravelme4av2blue asunder shades WildAwake_cover withallmysoul

from another year

crown throne-of-glass-sarah-j-maas incarnate Under the Never Sky solitary\


1. Fell in love with a dog

2. Overcame my fear of scary movies and tv shows (and will watch them by myself in the dark now!)

3. Started my book blog, which morped from something to help me gain some control of my life to something I wake up every day wanting to spend my time doing. AND people actually listen to what I have to say!

4. Read 234 books! Holy cow!

5. Found a job that was made for me.

6. Moved to my very own dot com!

7. Showed someone my WIP (actually, a whole class!) Handled the criticism well.

8. Found a great new friend who I’ve started working on a manuscript with!

9. Overcame my anxiety. I still deal, but on my terms.

10. Really started to figure out ‘who’ I am. (And none too late since I turn thirty in 70 days!)

So long 2013… It’s been swell!


So what are my goals for 2014?  Here’s a few:

1. Add a reviewer to my blog

2. Complete a manuscript

3. Read 250 books

4. Continue blogging and growing as a reviewer

5. Attend a book-related conference

6. Meet some of my blogging friends

7. Attend more author events

8. Have a lot of fun!

heart jess new

18 thoughts on “A Year in Review — Hello 2014, Goodbye 2013!

  1. Wow, you did have a great year! 🙂 And I love The XX, too! One of my faves, in fact. Congrats on reading so many awesome books. I’m going to be checking out my tiny local library in the next couple of weeks just so I can sign up for Overdrive. =) Here’s to another great year, Jess!

    • YES! They were on Later with Jools Holland on Palladia one day. I had been reading and hubby fell asleep with it on. I was instantly mesmerized and had both Cd’s ordered before they were done playing.

      And YES Overdrive is so awesome. Most of the books can be read on your Kindle and you don’t even have to remember to return them. With the app, you can also listen to the audio books, which I love to d/l for car rides.

    • I still can’t believe I got that many read! If I wouldn’t have had such an overload of school and an addiction to Buffy and Supernatural binges, I’d probably have gotten many more, haha.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Thank you! I was so not a dog person, but hubby wanted her and I promised he could get a dog if I could get a cat. I have had the cat for 2 years, so it was time, haha. But she kind of attached to me from day one and now she is as excited to see me as my own kids.

      And YES, LOVE Benefit mascara. I kind of got addicted to them this year — have you tried high beam? LOVE it. Thank goodness for all their sample packs.

  2. Wow 250 books? That’s amazing. My goal for this year is to read 150 books. I’m a bit intimidated by my goal, but I know I can do it hehe. Frozen and Catching Fire are my two new favorite movies. They were so amazing and gave me all the awesome feels.

    • I always aim high, but this year I didn’t work for the first 9 months, so I’m sure that helped. Even so, I’m going for it.

      And Frozen and Catching Fire are MY new favorite movies too! They are the only movies I saw twice in the theater this year, lol!

  3. Apologies if this goes through twice, my goof. Congratulations on such a good year! And whatever tweaking you did worked—I can see your graphics 😉

    Love the pooch ;-D

  4. We have a very similar goal for 2014! (Except for the author events, since they’re nonexistent here -_-) And i really have to touch my manuscript again 0.0 Anyway, good luck for your goal! And *gasp* Samsung S4. Give it to me maybe? *winkwinkgivecookies*

    P.S : have no idea what a Birchbox is, but it does looks super pretty!

    Neysa @ [B.O.O.K.L.I.F.E]

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