Clear Your Shelf Blog Hop GIVEAWAY


While I am rather partial to my bookshelves and have a hard time giving books up, I love to spread the joy of reading. SO I’m going to participate in this blog hop sponsored by I Am Reader, Not a Writer.

That means YOU are going to have the chance to win a book from me.

What book, you ask?


How about Twinmaker by Sean Williams?  I have a brand new ARC (only read once!) to give away.  I really enjoyed this one (you can see my review here) and look forward to sharing it with someone.




Click below to Enter:
Rafflecopter Giveaway


Click here to find more blogs participating in the hop and here to learn more about the hop itself.

Best of luck,

heart jess new

5 thoughts on “Clear Your Shelf Blog Hop GIVEAWAY

  1. Hi!  don’t know if it is just me, but i tried to enter the rafflecopter and the link is not working.  Just thought i’d let you know if it wasn’t just me.

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