New Reads Monday — Week of January 7

new reads monday

What’s new in YA this week?  Find out here!

January is starting off with a bang.  There are SO many good books coming out this week, I don’t even know where to start!

enders-cover Untitled-1 independent-study-cover double-digit-cover diamonds-and-deceit-cover erased-cover see-jane-run-cover neverwas-cover defy-by-sara-b.-larson why-we-took-the-car killing-woods-cover alliance-cover promise-bound-cover afterparty-cover passionaries-cover when-i-was-greatest-cover love-reborn-cover the-true-adventures-of-nicolo-zen-cover birthright-cover little-blue-lies-cover no-one-else-can-have-you-cover fugitive-x-cover unhinged-cover the-impossible-knife-of-memory-cover in-dreams-cover zom-b-gladiator-cover flame-cover a-breath-of-frost-cover luminary-cover SALT-COVER-FINAL-500

Enders (Starters) | Being Sloane Jacobs | Independent Study (The Testing) | Double Digit (A Girl Named Digit) | Diamonds and Deceit (At Somerton) | Erased (Altered) | See Jane Run | Neverwas (Amber House Trilogy) | Defy | Why We Took the Car | The Killing Woods | Alliance: The Paladin Prophecy Book 2 | Promise Bound (Lies Beneath) | Afterparty | Passionaries (The Blessed) | When I Was the Greatest | Love Reborn (A Dead Beautiful Novel) | The True Adventures of Nicolo Zen | Darkest Fear (Birthright) | Little Blue Lies | No One Else Can Have You | Fugitive X (Revolution 19) | Unhinged: Splintered Book Two | The Impossible Knife of Memory | In Dreams | Zom-B Gladiator | Flame: A Sky Chasers Novel | A Breath of Frost (The Lovegrove Legacy) | Luminary (Anomaly) | Salt (Entangled Teen)


Which books are YOU excited about?

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3 thoughts on “New Reads Monday — Week of January 7

  1. OMG ALL OF THESE COME OUT THIS WEEK?!?! I think I just died a little bit from sheer joy!

    I’m really excited for Enders and Diamonds & Deceit even though I haven’t read their prequels yet, No One Else Can Have You, and The Impossible Knife of Memory. I’m going to be waiting on the last one, though, because I’m hoping to attend a signing on the 20th *fingers crossed*

    A few others I need to look into….

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