Top Ten Tuesday (29)

top ten tuesday

It’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is:

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend)

It’s that time of the year again.  You know, when everyone decides “new year, new me” and signs up for the gym and stuff.  I kind of make it a point NOT to make resolutions, but I do have some goals for myself and my blog this upcoming year.  The last 9 months have been pretty incredible and much more than I could ever imagined.  I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring!  Here’s ten goals for myself and my blog.

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014

1. Add a reviewer to my blog

*this is actually happening VERY soon!

2. Complete a manuscript

I need to just finish writing a book. Just to prove to myself that I can.

3. Read 250 books

Last year was 234. This year will be tough to beat, but why not try!?

4. Continue blogging and growing as a reviewer

I can’t wait to see where this blog is this time next year!

5. Attend a book-related conference

I don’t care which one, I just want to have the experience of being in a giant room with people who love books as much as I do.

6. Meet some of my blogging friends

I have made some great friends this year! I’d love to meet the faces behind the blogs (esp. Julie, because we are so close and Chiara…. and not just because she lives in Australia!)

7. Attend more author events

Because the ONE I went to was one of the coolest things I did in 2013!

8. Finally get around to some of those series I have been wanting to read.

Cinder, Vampire Academy, Splintered, Shadow & Bone, etc.

9. Clear up my Netgalley & Edelweiss lists

They’re out of control.

10. Get better at DNF’ing.

I always feel so horrible, but then I feel even worse when I finish the book I did not like. Trying to get over that one hasn’t been easy!


So, that’s it.  What are some of your 2014 goals?

heart jess new

Just in case YOU want one of these book, click below!

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (29)

  1. Ah! DNF’ing. I have the same problem. In the last days of 2013 I actually DNF’d for the first time in ages! I started out feeling REALLY bad about it, but after having time to reflect, it was the right thing. It was better than wasting time and I was able to move on to another book that I ended up loving!

  2. AMAZING list. Wow, a lot of books to read this year, but you can do it! And a manuscript, that’s exciting as well as a new reviewer. I just love all your goals, it makes me excited for you 🙂 Good luck!

  3. I am TERRIBLE at DNFing. I always feel like I have to read the entire book. I would like to add that goal, to try and DNF at least one bad book this year! Great list, good luck Jess!

    Here’s my Top Ten.

  4. Jess this is an awesome list. I’ve got some of these on my list too hehe. Ooh and I’m excited to hear about this additional blogger you’re going to get. There are a lot of great events happening in the Houston area, so if you come to one of them you can get two of your items checked off at once 🙂 Provided it is one I can go to as well lol.

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