Harry Potter Art Work — Artist Interview & GIVEAWAY

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Today I have an AWESOME surprise for you guys!  We’re going to be spotlighting some AMAZING art work by Dove McHargue.  Dove is a freelance artist/writer and an illustrator for several clients (and graphic novels!).  He has graciously offered to share a Harry Potter art print set for one lucky winner.  We also talk about the other side of book creators — the illustrator.


Here’s what Dove has graciously offered to one lucky reader:
This mini portfolio features eight 5×7 prints based on “Travel Drawings” from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Each is individually stamped by the Ministry of Magic and printed on acid free cardstock.  Packaged in an envelope adorned with art and stamped with the wax seal of the Ministry of Magic.

I bought my own copy and guys — these prints are just gorgeous!  I’m planning to have them all framed for my office.  It is a one-of-a-kind item that any Harry Potter fan would love.

Interview with the Artist

1. Tell us about your job as an artist — what kinds of things do you do? (medium, what goes into job, etc.)

I have kind of done a variety of work from graphic design, to illustration, but most of my work has been in the comic book industry. As for media, I will work in any media necessary to finish the job but the majority of the “heavy lifting” in the production of the art is done with traditional art materials, like pencil and ink on paper. The Harry Potter drawings were all done traditionally in pen and ink, the way it’s been done for the last 200 or so years.

2. Where do you draw inspiration from when working on a project?

Well if it’s something that I’ve been hired to do, I can at least draw inspiration from the looming deadline ha! Usually the inspiration comes after I’ve started. I know it may seem a little backwards, but commercial artists don’t usually have the luxury of waiting on a “muse” so we have to dive in and hope that inspiration makes the job fun. For the Harry Potter work, I drew my inspiration from my visits to the Wizarding World at Universal Orlando.  I became a HUGE fan after visiting there, and wanting to know more about the world. And I’m ashamed to say I still have yet to read all the books, sad I know, but I have at least stayed awake through all of the films (several times).

3. Night owl or early bird?

I am a firm believer in the idea that the day is for work and the night is for me. At one point I was working on a Twilight Zone graphic novels just after my sons were born, and the only time I had to work was at 4 am! But I tell you I have never been as productive as when I went to bed early and woke early to work. A fact I try to impress on my students, who all think they need to pull multiple all nighters to get work done.

4. What are your top five favorite books?

Oh man, I am going to look terrible here (maybe), because I am only going to list comics. My “actual book” choices would probably make people cringe. They are, in no particular order,

-Batman Year one, Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli
-The Marquis, Guy Davis
-Hellboy, Mike Mignola
-Invincible, Robert Kirkman
-Y, The Last Man, Brian K Vaughn

5. Can you talk a little more about the process of being a graphic novel/comic book illustrator?

Making comics is the most challenging thing I have ever had to do in the visual art world. You have to be able to literally draw EVERYTHING, over and over again, with accurate visual continuity, and sometimes in worlds of the past, the future, or even worlds that don’t exist. And you have to be able to do it fast enough to meet a deadline. But it is also the most rewarding. When you’re done, you have a vision of a world totally created by you. It’s not easy but it is the ultimate artistic satisfaction.

6. Did you always know you wanted to be an artist?

I actually have an undergraduate degree in Jazz guitar, and after I graduated I toured the country with a band. But I’ve always made art, so once I “settled down” it was the thing I had to do.

7. Do you have anything new on the horizon?

I’m actually finishing the next Potter portfolio right now. It’s going to be a series of some of the favorite magical animals from the series. Also I have a short story in the upcoming Pangea Sea, Fulcrum Press book “Wild Oceans”. A really cool book about endangered sea life that will benefit oceanographic study. Also one of the graphic novels I worked on, “All Saints Day” from Oni press, has been optioned as a TV show. Also I have been slowly working on a book with legendary comic creator Mark Schultz. We have some interest from publishers, but we haven’t fully committed yet. I have actually been considering doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. Here’s a page from that book.


8. What’s your favorite piece of work you made so far? 

Usually the thing that is my own personal favorite is whatever I’m currently working on, so currently it’s the Potter stuff.


9. What are a couple of your favorite pieces of art?

Hmmmm that’s tough, how about a few of my favorite artists instead. I have A LOT of favorites, but to list a few, Alex Toth, Mike Mignola, Segio Toppi, Guy Davis, Paul Pope, Milt Canif, and Drew Struzan.

10. How can the readers see more of your work?

Check out All Saints Day from Oni press, and like me on Facebook, thanks! Dove

About the Artist





Dove is a freelance artist/writer working in the comics industry from his home in Savannah, Ga. His clients have included, Picsure Press, Gareth Stevens, Oni Press, Harcourt, Image Comics, Top Shelf Comics, Desperadoes, Devils Due, Students of the Unusual, and Walker Publishing. He spends the rest of his time as a faculty member at the Savannah College of Art and Design, in the Sequential Art Department, and loyally waiting on his wife Amber, and their identical triplets Lex, Brody and Collin, and Indiana, the dog.

Connect with Dove

Facebook | Blog | E-mail


Just so you know, Dove has a new print set for sale, so visit his Facebook page if you’re interested!


One REALLY lucky winner will receive a handmade set of Harry Potter prints (eight prints, 5×7) based on travel drawings from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  They are hand-stamped by the Ministry of Magic and come with a wax sealed envelope.  A HUGE thanks to Dove and Amber McHargue for graciously offering this print for our readers.

To enter, please click the link below.  Be sure to follow directions, as winning entries will be verified.  Be sure to visit the Terms & Conditions page for full contest details.

Click here to Enter

Best of luck to you all,

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15 thoughts on “Harry Potter Art Work — Artist Interview & GIVEAWAY

  1. I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment, if it is I apologize but I wanted to make sure I was able to tell you thanks for such a great post and giveaway. Dove is an amazing artist. I look forward to exploring his Facebook page and seeing more of his work.

  2. Thanks for the great interview with Dove. His work is awesome! I would enter to win, but already bought a set. Winning will make some lucky person happy, I’m sure.

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