Top Ten Tuesday (32)

top ten tuesday

It’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is:

Top Ten Worlds I’d Never Want To Live In
Top Ten Characters I’d NEVER Want To Trade Places With

As a dystopian connoisseur, this week’s top ten was easy. SO easy in fact, I did both lists.  So even though I LOVE these books and want to read them over and over, I never want to live inside them.  Or be the characters in them.

Top Ten Worlds I’d Never Want To Live In

1. Katniss // Panem


This story changed my life.  Katniss is an amazing character and role model.  But, I never want to ever live in Panem.  Or anything close to it.  No thanks!

2. Cassie // The 5th Wave


Cassie is a young girl who loses her entire family when aliens invade the world. Yeah, nope.

3. Davy // Uninvited


In Davy’s world, people are genetically profiled.  Because she has a genetic predisposition that says she might kill one day.  Even though her life has been perfect, she is thrown into chaos.  And not only that, but people are ostracized and quarantined out of fear.  Sounds like a place I’d NOT like to attend.

4. Callie // Starters


Callie lives in a world after the Spore Wars, where the only people who survive were Starters (kids underage) and Enders (the elderly).  Not only would I be dead (as an official middle), but if I was a Starter, I’d be living on the streets and if I was an Ender, I’d be creepy and trying to live inside the body of a teenager.

5. Aria // Under the Never Sky


The world Aria lives in is simulation.  She can have everything at the blink of an eye, but none of it is real.  After she leaves the dome, she lives in a world of death and a dying planet.  She is strong and amazing, but I like my world without the dome.

6. Lena // Delirium


Lena lives in a world where love is a disease.  End of story.

7. Juliette // Shatter Me


Juliette’s world is shattered.  Sure, she has super powers, but at what cost?

8. Rhine // Wither


Rhine’s is another world where only the very young and very old live.  People die in their twenties and children are left without parents.  Girls are captured and forced to be child-brides and sister-wives.  There is absolutely NOTHING about this life that sounds nice.

9. Deuce // Enclave


Deuce kicks ass, plain and simple.  But she lives in a shattered world with zombies that aren’t zombies and spends half her life living under ground.  So, yeah, keep your not-zombies and I’ll stay here with my wi-fi.

10. Tally // Uglies


Tally’s world is one of perfection built on the back of our mistakes.  We kill our world and out of it comes one that strives to control their population with beauty and control.  Sure, they live greener and have killer tech, but at what cost?

Top Ten Characters I’d NEVER Want To Trade Places With

1. Eleanor // E&P


Eleanor & Park was one of my favorite books last year.  It’s one of my favorite books, probably ever.  And as much as I ADORE Eleanor; who she is, who she becomes, and what she does with the life she’s given, I would never want to have to suffer the way she does.  I admire her, and want to be more like her, but I don’t think I’d want to be her.

2. Nastya //Sea of Tranquility


Nastya’s entire world was taken away from her.  I’ve never been that amazing at anything, but I can imagine how devastating it would be to have my life taken away from me.  I can’t imagine and I honestly don’t want to.  However, this book is just amazing and if you haven’t read it, you are missing out on something amazing.

3. Leonard Peacock // Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock


Leonard Peacock is the modern-day answer to Holden Caulfield.  I understood Leonard and his motivations, but I never want to feel pain that deeply.

4. Mara Dyer // The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer


Sure, Mara finds Noah Shaw, but she also thinks she insane.  Plus, she *inserts spoilers here* and I can’t even imagine how’d I’d deal with that.  The book is incredible and maddening, but I like my nice, boring life.

5. Parker // Insomnia


Parker doesn’t sleep – literally.  Having insomnia, I thought my life was bad, but Parker’s is just insane.  And because of that he makes a lot of truly bad decisions.  Even if I don’t sleep much, I like the few hours I DO get.

6. Lia // Wintergirls


Not only does Lia lose her best friend due to an eating disorder, but she struggles with one herself and teeters on the edge of life and death.  Having dealt with mental illness, I could relate to her, but living as her while reading the book was uncomfortable and just plain hard.  Her struggles are something no one wants for themselves.

7. Miranda // Life as We Knew It


The apocalypse happens. I’m out.  But Miranda has to deal with some pretty terrifying things that go along with the end of the world.  Plus, there’s snow and little to no food.

8. Thomas // The Maze Runner


Thomas wakes up with no memory of his life in a maze, treated like a literal lab rat.  He and the other boys (and girl!) have to try and figure a way out of the world they were dropped in to, as well as find out who they are.  Sounds like a really entertaining book, but not so fun life.

9. Todd // Knife of Never Letting Go


Todd lives in a world where everyone hears everyone’s thoughts.  And there are no women.  So, not only would I be a guy if I was Todd, but I’d be a guy who had no private thoughts of my own.

10. Connor // Unwind


In Connor’s world, teenagers can be unwound.  Sure, if you need a limb or an organ, there are tons available.  Cures for diseases are prevalent and people live longer, but at the cost of human beings.  Human beings who aren’t seen as anything but a body.


So, that’s it.  What are some book worlds/characters you never want to live in/be?

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Just in case YOU want one of these book, click below!

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (32)

  1. Amazing choices this week. I have Rhine and Katniss on my list too. I definitely wouldn’t want to trade places with them or live in their worlds.

  2. Great choices! I have The Hunger Games, Wither, and Under the Never Sky on my list too. The only reason why Mara Dyer isn’t on it is because I am too in love with Noah.

  3. The Hunger Games and Uglies were on my list, too. I should have added Starters, but it didn’t come to mind until I was done with the list, and I was too lazy to change the graphic at that point.

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