Top Ten Tuesday (34)

top ten tuesday

It’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is:

Top Ten Worlds Books That Make Me Swoon

I do my fair share of swooning, especially over fictional boyfriends—but there are just some books that leave me fanning myself, falling to the floor gracefully.

So, without further ado…

Top Ten Books That Make Me Swoon

10. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer


I know what you are probably thinking, but hear me out. In this book, I feel like Stephanie gives Jacob more depth. Add to that the already complicated love that Bella finds herself in, no matter who many times she tell herself she doesn’t love him, and you have a great book. But the reason, I chose this one, is because the things that Jacob says and does—my heart just broke for him. He grows so much just in the course of two books (New Moon and this one) and the feels are real.

9. Fallen by Lauren Kate


I chose this book, because I just love Cam Briel; I think he is a great character and lest us not forget…he is a bad boy, so I doubly love him. But the reason this book makes me swoon is because of Cam. Just his whole character in this book and the books that follow have me pining his absence from my reality—which isn’t fair, because I know he will forever remain in my books.

8. The Van Allen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz

 The Van Allen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz

There is this guy, his name is Jack and he will give you a heart attack; I love a character that is tortured by his own doing but not fully understanding what is happening plus a temper that is hot and cold in the matter of seconds—and Jack delivers. His rage and love are enough to keep me and more than enough for me to fall head over heels.

7. The Host by Stephanie Meyer


One of my favorite things in any book is a saucy love triangle and this book delivers. Well, I guess it is really a love square, to be honest…but the emotion that each of the main characters have! My, my, I wish I had a guy fighting for me like Melanie/ Wanda does. It’s enough to make any girl jealous.

6. Divergent by Vernoica Roth


I love Four, I really do—but what I love even more than him, is the fact that he willingly shared his Fears with Tris; that’s a massive gesture—to trust someone so completely that you let them in because you love them. That scene makes the book, more so than does the kissing scene because Four is proving his depth of love and trust in Tris and it is beautiful.

5. City of Glass by Cassandra Clare


Here is why this book is swoon worthy—that scene where Clary and Jace spend the night together in Alicante, that scene hits my feels. The manor scene with Jace is great but I wanted that to happen. I wanted them to finally let their guards down and just feel, but the bedroom scene, well, that was a lovely surprise. And it was perfect; sweet and sincere and perfectly placed just when I thought all was lost.

4. Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead


Being a major player can be great, but what happens when you fall in love with a girl you know is out of your league? Adrian Ivashkov shows a great deal of vulnerability in the matters of the heart and it gets me every time. Not only is he my favorite character in the book, but he has a great role. He knows that Rose still loves and pines for her Dimitri, yet, Adrian still wants and tries to be everything that Rose needs—he puts Rose before himself, and that, ladies, is hot as fire.

3. Eleanor + Park by Rainbow Rowell


This whole book touches the feels and if you haven’t read it, I HIGHLY recommend it. The scene that made me swoon was when Park tells Eleanor in his own way that he cares for her and that she is very much important to him. For a girl like Eleanor to know that someone actually cares for her and she means something to them is a powerful thing and it will very likely have you crying.

2. If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Foreman


It’s not a cop out, I just firmly believe you don’t get the full swoon factor with just one book. Adam is the only thing you need to know. The things he does and the things he goes through in both books is enough to make your heart swell with hurt and love. His undying love for Mia is why he gets number two in the swoon category.

1.The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


We all know why…I don’t want to talk about it. *Tears, sniff sniff* Okay/okay…


So, that’s it.  What are the books that make you swoon?

love loren

Just in case YOU want one of these book, click below!

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (34)

  1. If I Stay/Where She Went almost made my list. 🙂 Though, I think I prefer the swoons of the second book more. Great list!

  2. Thanks everyone for the great replies! It’s a hard life when a million books make you swoon and you can only chose 10, haha. But I do enjoy all (:

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