Hello {march}, Goodbye {february}


Hello Goodbye is a monthly feature here at Such A Novel Idea highlighting a few of my favorite things from the past month. Enjoy!

Where’d February go?  It feels like we just did this, but then that’s what happens when you become an adult. So they say. February was a mild winter and the spring temps are starting to hit, so we are luckily going to start thinking of flowers and swimming soon enough.


Favorite Book



Me Since You by Laura Weiss
My Review

Me Since You was such a realistic and interesting way to explore depression, grief, death, and growing up.

Honestly, I’d also say Gone Girl if I didn’t know Loren was going to pick that one!



Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Read our Review

This book is an explosive mind game that is written in such a way that you feel as though you are in the mind of the characters…and that isn’t exactly the safest place to be. I borrowed the audiobook from my library to listen to in the truck on my way to school and I was always, always a nervous wreck because I didn’t have the slightest idea what was going to happen. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys murder/thriller/suspense mysteries.

Favorite Music


I’m still stuck on Passenger and Bastille, to be honest, but Loren introduced me to TwentyForSeven and I’m kind of addicted now.


Bad Things


I stumbled across this group when I was watching an NBC Special on Shaun White…yes, this is his band, and yes, it is awesome! The reason I am vastly falling in love with this band is their vibe. Jess says they are like Retro 90s Rock and it is the best description of them. I listen to their album at least once a day, at least. It’s safe to say that I am addicted and what is better? they favorited one of my tweets!

Johanna – Jamie Bowers Campbell

Out of the blue, I just started singing this song in my head and i have been obsessed with it ever since. My brother actually sang this song for one of his recitals and I cried, it was so beautiful. When I sing this in my head, I usually hear him sing it and sometimes it is a beautiful duet with him and JCB. This song just holds so much emotion and it is so beautiful that I pine for the unknown love that Anthony holds for Johanna.

Favorite Movies



The Vampire Academy

I honestly did watch that many movies this week – I was busy reading and binge watching Veronica Mars.  However, I got to see VA in the theaters on opening day with Loren and some other friends.  Not only did we have a blast, but we really enjoyed the movie.  I hadn’t read the books prior to the movie, but I’ve now finished book one and am becoming a late to the party fan!


Bear with me, because I saw some great movies over the last four weeks 🙂


The Vampire Academy

Jess and I saw this with a couple of our friends and we were not disappointed. I have to say, that this movie is one of the BEST book to film adaptations in YA that I have seen. The cast was great, but more importantly, Zoey Deutch was/is the PERFECT Rose Hathaway.



I watched this movie with my little brother and I was so impressed with it that I watched it again. I kept thinking “it’s like Avatar for kids,” because the scenes that are depicted in the movie are gorgeous. But what I loved about this movie the most was that EVERYTHING in the forest was a person and it was just simply wonderful to my child-like heart.

 enders_game_poster1 Romeo-and-Juliet-2013-Movie-Poster

Ender’s Game and Romeo + Juliet 

I rented these two movies one night when I was home alone, and I quite enjoyed myself. I was pleasantly surprised with exactly how much I loved Ender’s Game; and I was very happy with how R + J was portrayed (although Leo’s version is still my favorite). Both movies were definitely worth the cost.

Favorite TV Shows



I’m officially a MARShmellow.  After years of putting it off, I decided it was time to binge Veronica Mars.  My sister kept talking to me about it (she was rewatching in anticipation of the movie) and it finally was available to stream on Amazon Prime, so I jumped in.  It took me less than a week to watch all 63 episodes.  I didn’t read or watch anything else — I was truly addicted.  And last night at 3 a.m. I finished the last episode. And then spent half and hour watching the movie preview over and over. And over.

I knew who VM was and what she did, I am sure I watched an episode or two before, but I just never realized how smart, witty, and funny this show was.  It’s dealing with some heavy issues, but did it in a way to be appreciated for it’s lightness.  It took me about half a season to figure out how things worked on the show, but once I got the pattern, I was even more hooked.  If you never watched it, I HIGHLY recommend it. You’ll thank me later!


Yes, I am that girl that loves the Olympics. However, I was slightly disappointed with how this Olympics panned out. I will say that I was ecstatic that Sage Kostenburg (pictured)  won Gold in the first ever Slopestyle Snowboarding event…and it was also the perfect excuse to fascinate on Shaun White (he is also pictured—he is fun to look at) without people thinking I was crazy.

Things that Happened


For me, February was full of becoming a soccer mom and coach’s wife, binge tv watching, and our first zoo trip of the year. And NBC says they are resurrecting Heroes in 2015, so that’s a win for everyone!


A lot of great things happened in February. My nephew turned one and we learned if my sister was having another little boy or the first little girl….but I will keep her privacy on that result. It’s been a good month—I didn’t get the Winter Blues or the Valentine Humbug (mostly due to my nephew’s birthday being on Valentine’s Day), but with all good things, I must say Goodbye Old and Hello New.


Things We’re Excited about in March



spring is coming

The best part of living in Texas is March and April — it’s not too cold and not too hot.  Well, mostly.  We really gotta just take it day by day.  But Spring is so much fun! Short sleeves and flying kites and picnics.  Reading a book out on the green grass – and all that other lovely spring stuff. Plus, SPRING BREAK!



Spring is just around the corner and I cannot wait. I am so ready for shorts and light sweater weather; were it is finally just warm enough for me to lay out in the sun and catch some Vitamin D (also, to work on my tan). And lest not forget, that it is SPRING BREAK MONTH!!!




I have always been a fan of my birthday — it’s usually my favorite day of the year.  This year, I’m turning 30 and even though I’m sad I won’t be able to say I’m a twenty-something, I’m excited to celebrate my day.  And yes, I realize this is a little narcissistic, but a celebration about me — why wouldn’t I love that!?

Book Releases


maybesomeday someday-someday-maybe findingcinderella

Colleen Hoover has a new book. I repeat, Colleen Hoover has a new book.  I’ve had this bad-boy pre-ordered since it was just a title with no cover or synopsis.  I’m really looking forward to starting something new by her.

Oh and speaking of which, the paperback version of Finding Cinderella’s coming out the SAME DAY with lots of extras from the Hopeless series. Both of those babies will be on my doorstep on March 18th and I couldn’t be happier.

Also the paperback release of Someday, Someday Maybe is in March and I won the book, so that will be showing up too.

Also I’d like to say ditto to Loren’s choices.  We are really in sync on all the things this month.



Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy (March 18th)

I, along with Jess, was fortunate enough to meet Julie at a YA Book Fair in Keller, Texas back in January. We had a blast, but more than that, Julie is a blast herself and I was so awe-struck that I diligently stood next to Jess barely saying a word. She is awesome and I just know that this book is going to be a MAJOR HIT!


Panic by Lauren Oliver (March 4th)

I am quite a fan of Lauren Oliver—minus the fact that I have only read/own one of her books (please, don’t look at me like that—I’ve had the best intentions of getting her other books just haven’t made it that far), and with how much I loved Before I Fall, I can only imagine just how much I am going to love this book as well.





Resurrection is a show ABC has been talking about since before the Fall tv line up started back in September.  It’s based on the novel The Returned by Jason Mott and has a lot going for it.  It does have a lot to live up to as I just watched the AMAZING French television show, also called The Returned (not based on the book).  Apparently, people coming back from the dead is a thing right now. Especially when they look and talk like everyone else.  I REALLY hope it lives up to the hype!

star crossed tv show


This new CW series just screamed YA, so of course I’m intrigued.  Then I realize it is Romeo & Juliet meets science fiction, and I know it is one I’ll be making a point to watch. It definitely reminds me of Melissa Lander’s Alienated, so there’s even a YA book to go with it!


To be quite honest, I looks like a new spin on the ever favored Romeo + Juliet, and you know what?….I can’t wait! I love the idea of two sepcies forbidden to be with each other–it pulls at my heartstrings. What I love even more is that it is Sci-Fi, which just happens to be my new favorite genre. Just from the series preview, I am hooked and I know that it is going to be a lovely affair.

The Return of…



The Wizard of Oz is hands down my favorite “fairy tale”, so I’m beyond excited to see how they unfold it into Once Upon a Time. We’ve had a LONG break with lots of cliffhangers, so I’m pretty excited to finally see how everything goes down.


Something wicked this way comes…I cannot tell you exactly how EXCITEDLY HAPPY I am that OUAT is coming back in just a few short weeks. My friends and I have been waiting in agony for this long awaited return and I know, oh, I know that we are going to dissect the episode like we are prone to do 🙂


This show is uber-creepy, but oh-so-good.  It’s smart, intense, and heart-stopping at times. It also gets you into the mind of a man the world has been creeped out by for oh so long.


“Mother.” The most simple of words and yet, the creepiest when it comes out of the mouth of Norman Bates. Things got real last season, and I cannot wait to see what Season 2 has in store for us fellow Psychos.




When I started reading this book in 2011, I hoped and wished for a movie.  It was just too good to be true when I found out we would in fact, get to see the series on the big screen.  Loren and I have already made plans and can’t wait to see Four and Tris and the rest of the gang!


That’s right ladies, in just TWENTY DAYS we will get to spend at least 90 minutes in a dark room with Four…and Tris, but mostly Four. I just…I just can’t… March 21st cannot get here fast enough!



I may be late to the game, but none the less my excitement is real.  March 14th baby!


Well, that’s it!  What were some of your favorites from February?

jess and loren

9 thoughts on “Hello {march}, Goodbye {february}

  1. There’s so much going on in the month of March! I’m super excited for the new season of OUaT and the premiere of Starcrossed. Of course, I also plan on seeing Divergent in theaters with some friends.
    Most of all, I just can not wait for spring break. I’ll have a full week to just stay in bed with my favorite things in the world: books! Actually, that’s a lie; I’ll probably also be doing SAT practice and training for tennis (I have a district tournament coming up).

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  3. Oh my god I am SO EXCITED by OUAT! My roommate isn’t sold on the idea of The Wizard of Oz (he doesn’t think it has it’s place with the fairy tales, but as I pointed out…what exactly would you call Frankenstein’s connections with the traditional fairy tales then?) I’m super excited to see how it all fits in! (Is it going to go Wicked style or traditional Wizard of Oz style?) SPOILERS – Also I am going to be SO FREAKING PISSED if Rumpelstiltskin is dead for reals. That’s seriously not an option. I will not be appeased if he just comes up in flash backs (ok, I will be slightly appeased because it’s better than no Robert Carlyle).

    • I agree with you – if they are going to branch out into these other worlds, by all means this is one I want to see! I am with you on Rumple – he’s too awesome of a character to nix.

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