An Exciting Announcement from Such a Novel Idea

books to grow on

Such a Novel Idea is growing!

We’ve had so much fun reviewing YA and NA novels.  It’s just the best.  But, we’re ready to branch out.  I’ve got a precocious five year old and a brilliant seven year old who happens to have autism.  They are both true book lovers and enjoy reading almost as much as their mommy does.  Loren has a one year old nephew and another niece/nephew on the way!  Obviously, we’ve got a lot of great kiddos at different ages and levels in search of a good book.

So, we’re going to add a feature section entitled Books to Grow On.  We will be reading and reviewing children’s literature.

Exciting, huh?

We think so.  We’re going to read and review children’s books of all ages — young children, readers, middle grade, etc.  And my five year old Riley is happily going to get to voice her opinion and weigh in on the books herself.  It should be a fun time for all of us.

Look for this new feature very, very soon.  And we’d LOVE to hear your suggestions!

Much love and excitement,

jess and loren

*and Riley*

12 thoughts on “An Exciting Announcement from Such a Novel Idea

    • I know what you mean! Not only does it take me back to a time when I developed a deep sense of love for books, but there is just something whimsical about reading at that age. Should be lots of fun.

    • Yes, there’s not a whole lot is there? I actually keep getting friends talking about younger and middle grade and basically all I’ve got is my own experiences and that is getting farther away as time goes on. 🙂 Should be a fun time!

  1. This is so awesome! It’s great the kids are all readers…it’s one of my greatest fears that if I have kids that I won’t be able to sell them on books. I’m really looking forward to this!

  2. This is great! I have a 16-month old who LOVES books and I’m constantly looking for new stories to read to him. Will be interested to see what suggestions you make! 🙂

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