Book Blast & GIVEAWAY — Goddess Legacy by M.W. Muse


Today we are highlighting M.W. Muse’s Goddess Legacy.  Goddess Legacy is a young adult fantasy romance book that was published January 31, 2013.

About the Book

Goddess Legacy by M.W. Muse

Genre: YA, fantasy, romance

Published January 31, 2013

Legacy Kore is an average seventeen year old with your basic insane crush on the hottest guy in school… rather Adin Shepard was the hottest guy in school before he graduated a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s summer vacation and she’s not sure when she’ll get to see him again. Until he shows up at her surprise seventeenth birthday party. Cue saliva glands–it’s time to drool.

But her giddiness is cut short when her guardian delivers an emotional blow, telling Legacy her mother hadn’t died when she was baby, but that she’d left for Legacy’s protection all those years ago. After the initial shock, she expects some story about how her mother was in the Witness Protection Program or something else just as crazy, but when she’s told that her mother is a Greek Goddess and that Legacy is changing into one too, she thinks her guardian needs a trip to a mental hospital. Legacy a goddess?

Um, yeah. Right. And her BFF is the Easter Bunny.

While trying to make sense out of something that was impossible to believe, Adin asks Legacy out on a date. She is thrilled that her fantasy might become a reality, but when she meets the new guy in town, River, she discovers everything isn’t always as it seems, and the legacy she wants just might not be the legacy she is destined to have.


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About the Author

M.W. Muse is the bestselling author of the Goddess Series with book one, Goddess Legacy, reaching number one in Teen
Romance. Her alter-ego is not only bestselling but award-winning, writing in
adult genres for multiple publishers, but her love of younger “new
adult” stories made her seek a new outlet for those characters swimming
around in her head. She still spends most of her time living in her other
reality, but enjoys spending more time focusing on the younger side of love.

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All My Life — Book Review

temptation woman and man

The Deets

author: Rucy Ban

released: May 4, 2013

format: e-book

pages: 150 pages

publisher: Tiefenbacher Pubs

Read: June 24-26

Book Pages: • •  Author’s Website  

Book Type: NA, YA, contemporary romance, chick lit

The Down-low

Seventeen-year-old Kari meets Neil Mars. “Neil as in Armstrong and Mars…as in Bruno.” A boy who beats every vampire, werewolf, highlander fantasy Kari has ever had. But she knows she can’t get close to him. Not ever. Because that would mean telling him everything. Coming clean. And Kari can’t bear the idea of changing the way Neil looks at her. Like she’s the only girl in the world. His reverence is something too precious to lose. Perhaps even at the cost of losing him.

But Kari doesn’t know why Neil calls her his ‘Angel’ and when she finds out, she realizes what love is all about. Boundless joy, unending longing and a fuckload of heartache. (From

Why You Should Buy It

If you like fast reads and romance, All My Life might be for you.

My Thoughts

*I received this e-book in exchange for an honest review.*

I’ve now read a lot of new adult/contemporary romances.  So, I’m getting the ‘pattern’ down.  This one definitely fits within that pattern.  Girl has something bad happen/boy comes into her life/boy and girl fall in love (almost) at first sight/some secret threatens to rip their relationship apart.  As long as I KNOW going into a book that is what you are going to get, I’m usually okay with it.

This book was sweet.  It wasn’t hot, steamy romance, but I think that’s okay.  Yes the two had an instant connection and got deep fast. Again, that can usually be expected in a romance book (I mean HELLO, it’s romance!)

What I liked about the book: Kari’s job choice, her friends at that job, and the masquerade party

There were some issues I have with the book.  First off, I feel the sentence structure and some of the phrasings were difficult.  I feel this has to do with the author not being from the US.  Basically what I am seeing more and more is a different way of writing based on where you are from.  I don’t hold that against her at all, I just had a hard time with it.  I do feel there were plot holes and issues that could be solved from another round of editing.  The book definitely has potential, but it isn’t 100% there yet.

Another issue was the ages.  I am not sure why the main protagonist had to be so young, but she is 17 and her beau is 26.  In some states that is illegal, so it was hard to understand the idea there.  She was a freshman in college, but she graduated a year early, so obviously there was an intention behind the age.

The book is short (most I’ve been reading are around 330 pages and this one is about 155), so you will go through it quickly.  Ultimately, it wasn’t something I can whole-heartedly recommend, but I do know there is an audience out there for it.


Two point five out of Five Stars


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Book Blitz & GIVEAWAY — Lost by M. Lathan


Today’s Book Blitz features Lost by M. Lathan.  Lost is a young adult paranormal book that was published June 20, 2013.  This book is the second in the Hidden Series.


Three months ago, Christine Grant found herself, her love, and impossible friends, while losing the memories of the biggest piece of her past.

Now, her powers are spinning out of control and must be tamed by the woman who saved the world, the same woman Christine is predicted to kill in less than a month.

Wanting to punish catty girls was just the beginning. It’s only a matter of time before she discovers that the world is not as safe from her as she hoped it was.

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Excerpt from Lost


Fear stole my breath as I plummeted into frigid water. I flailed my arms and legs, uselessly trying to swim against the current. The haunting voice of a child sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” as I sank deeper.

I fought my way to the surface only to be taken again. The little girl droned, “And the rockets’ red glare,” as water rushed into my lungs.

I wasn’t alone. A blurry figure struggled near me, both of us sinking, drowning in red tinted water. Blood. It swirled with the suffocating blue, an inescapable villain dragging us deeper and deeper.

We were two helpless bodies adrift in a world with no air or hope, no chance of survival. The white lights glowing beneath us looked welcoming and safe. The figure gave in. Its lifeless body sank towards the lights as the little girl sang, “And the home of the brave.”

Chapter One

I woke up, pouring sweat, in Nathan’s bed.

With his eyes closed and mouth open, he rolled away and yanked the blanket off of me, attending to my needs in his sleep. I shrugged off the creepy dream of me drowning. Over the last three months, I’d dreamed plenty of things that hadn’t happened. Nate had held me underwater in the pool earlier. I was sure that moment had just followed me to sleep. The odds of it being a vision were low.

It had been almost two months since I stopped letting myself have them or use any of my powers. They were getting worse as I used them openly for little things. I would try to move something, and it wouldn’t just lift. It would slam into the wall before I felt it moving. I didn’t know mental powers could grow, develop even more than they already were. They were getting faster, stronger, and wilder, so I was back to suppressing them like I had at St. Catalina. Life was simpler that way, normal. Or as normal as living with three magical beings that should be extinct could get.

I closed my eyes to force myself back to sleep, and an angry snore rattled Nate’s throat. I reached on his nightstand for my phone. He wouldn’t be able to deny this one. Another series of snores ripped through the silent pool house just as I pressed record. I laughed, and he opened his eyes.

“Smile, baby,” I said. He groaned and reached for the phone.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing. Just collecting evidence.”

He wrestled my new phone from my hands and held it out of my reach. “How do I stop the video?”

“Like I’d tell you.”

He grunted and threw the phone to the foot of his bed. “That thing is too expensive to be so complicated,” he said.

“It’s not complicated. It’s probably just made for humans and you’re-”

He grabbed me and wedged his fingers under my arms before I could tease him about the side of him that barks. “I’m what? What am I, Chris?” I squealed, flopping around in his arms like a dying fish.

“Handsome!” I offered, to end the tickle attack.


“Smart. Kind. Loving. Sexy!” He relaxed his fingers and slid them from my armpits to my back. “Which one did it?” I asked.

“Sexy,” he whispered and kissed me. And that was really all it ever took to kick things off between us. Steamy kisses, roaming hands.

That was how we’d spent most of our time during our three-month-old relationship – in my bed, in his bed, in the common areas when we had the house to ourselves. I kept waiting for this to get old, his lips on mine, but every kiss felt like the first, and like I’d die if it were the last.

About the Author


M. Lathan lives in San Antonio with her husband and mini-schnauzer. She enjoys writing and has a B.S. in Psych and a Masters in Counseling. Her passion is a blend of her two interests – creating new worlds and stocking them with crazy people. She enjoys reading anything with interesting characters and writing in front of a window while asking rhetorical questions … like her idol Carrie Bradshaw.
Author links:

Inside the Author’s Head

1. Tell us about your latest release.

In Book One, Christine/Leah learned and forgot a lot about herself. In book two, she has to learn to control her powers while her mysterious past continues to unfold … all while she is predicted to kill her new idol, Lydia Shaw. Wish her luck. It was a fun and exciting story to write. I love to see characters develop and Christine definitely does a lot of growing in this book. I hope you guys enjoy it!

2. What do you think you’re really good at?

This is lame, but I clean well. My mother would tell me that as a child when no one wanted to their chores. She’d say, “No one washes dishes like you. Or no one dusts like you.” Eventually, I became a master at it. I am also a vicious Monopoly player. When the rules are thrown out of the window, I will win. Every single time.

3. What do you think you’re really bad at?

So many things! Mostly, I am the worst singer of all time. The problem is, I always have a song in my heart. And I swear I’m on the right key and my husband will beg me to stop singing. My favorite song to belt out is Falling by Florence and the Machine. The o-o-o-o-o part is my favorite and I butcher it every time.

4. Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

TONS! That was my thing as a child. And I remember them all. My favorite was a purple blob named Ubby. My mom made every one play along . I kind of miss ‘ole Ubby.

5. Do you have any phobias?

Yes. First, let me say I am easily startled so everything scares me. But I am seriously claustrophobic and I hate large crowds. I make one exception because I’m from Louisiana. Mardi Gras.

6. What are four things you can’t live without?

Phone. Laptop. Wireless. Kindle Mobile App. There are many more, but I’ve gone a day without these things, and trust me, it wasn’t pretty.

7. What is your favorite television show?

Sex and the City! No question. I have every season!

8. If you could be any character, from any literary work, who would you choose to be? Why?

Juliet. To be the symbol of love would be nuts. To me, most characters are based off of her in many books out there. I’d want to be the original love-struck girl.

9. What is your least favorite word?

Ambulance. I can’t say it fast. I typically have to say emergency vehicle so I don’t sound like an idiot. For some reason, I want to put a P in that word that isn’t there. 


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