200 Books Giveaway!

In January 2011, I found a little website called Goodreads.  I also got some gift cards and a Nook.  And my yearly reading challenges AKA obsessions were born.  This is my THIRD reading challenge, and this year I went big.

200 books in 2013.

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Well, as of October 15th, I have read 201!

It’s a lot, I know.  Doing the math, there have been 288 days this year, which averages out to 1.44 books a day.


SO, to celebrate, I’m giving YOU GUYS something!


You can win ONE of my favorite e-books from this year (via Amazon).  SO, which books are up for grabs?

Which one would YOU pick?


This contest is going to be simple!  Follow, subscribe, and share!  Be sure to check out my terms & conditions for full details!

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And most of all, thank YOU for being lovely and faithful readers!