Summer Lovin’ Read-A-Thon: Day 1 & 2

I accidently FORGOT to make my post yesterday, so I’m combining two today!  The Summer Lovin’ Read-A-Thon is hosted by Reviewing Wonderland and takes place this week July 1-7.  It’s not too late to sign up if you want to be involved!

Day One: Class Orientation

So, this is the part where I introduce myself.  I am Jess, a Texas gal who fits the definition of book-obsessed.  If you want to read all about me, visit my ‘About’ page on the right sidebar.

My ‘are you serious?’ face when the plot twist takes place.

1. Where are you blogging from? East Texas, y’all.


2. Why did you start blogging/reading?

Well, this is a bit more in depth an answer than the first question.  In first grade, I had a lot of trouble reading.  I remember having to practice extra, which I hated because I didn’t like to not be good at something. But once I got the hang of it, I really took off.  By second grade, I was reading at a 6th grade level and completely book obsessed.  Again, see my About Me for just how obsessed I was.

I didn’t start seriously book blogging until this year.  There are a lot of reasons I started, but the main one was wanting to share my reviews with my friends.  I’m always telling people about this book or that, and I figured one dot com might be easier.  Admittedly this has been one of the most awesome things I’ve done in a long while!

3. What are your favorite genres?

Pretty much I love young adult.  Within that, I am obsessed with science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, coming-of-age, and what I call tough issues (suicide, death, mental illness, addiction, sexual abuse, etc.).  I also enjoy contemporary & contemporary romance.  Recently I’ve started reading New Adult books in these areas, and I’m enjoying watch this new category grow into its own.  Oh, and I love memoirs, which is really different from these others, but there you go.


So, my read-a-thon goals are pretty simple: 1 book per day, totaling 7 by the end of the week.  Here are a couple I’m planning to read:

I have a tendency to read to match my mood, so some of these are likely to change.

Day Two: You’re the One That I Want

Today at the Summer Lovin’ read-a-thon we are discussing must have summer reads.  I’m going to also refer you to my Top Ten Beach/Summer Reads and my Top Ten TBR Summer 2013 posts.  I don’t have books that I read exclusively in the summer, but I DO have books that I read or try to read on an annual basis.  Here are a few:
Harry Potter, Books 1-7

I honestly have no idea just how many times I’ve read this series.  It is definitely something I make time to read each year.  And each time I read the books, it is a completely new experience!
The Hunger Games Trilogy

Even though I hate how it ends, I still make this series a yearly read.  It’s just too good not to!

The Divergent Series

I know, I know, technically this one isn’t finished yet, but I already know I will be reading this series each year for a long time!

So, what are some of your favorite summer reads?



Read-a-thon Results:
Viral Nation: COMPLETED
Losing Hope: 24%