Top Ten Tuesday (33)

top ten tuesday

It’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is:

Top Ten Worlds Books That Made Me Cry

Yeah, so this is awkward.  I have a thing about books that make you cry. I kind of seek them out. Why? I don’t know. I like to torment myself, I suppose.  When I went to make this post, I counted 48 books in my Goodreads that could be on this post.  And that was grouping series as one book.  So, obviously I have issues.  And this post was incredible difficult to choose just ten.

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Super Six Sunday (12)


Super Six Sunday is an original bookish meme created by Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by “Top Ten Tuesday” from The Broke and The Bookish .

Today’s topic is:

Super 6 Books I Can’t Wait To Read With My Kids

This is probably one of my favorite categories yet!  As a voracious reader, one of the biggest things I love is sharing my obsession with my kids.  Now, since they are 7 (boy) and 5 (girl), there are some books we haven’t been able to introduce yet.  And here are six I absolutely CAN NOT wait for!

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Once Upon A Read-a-Thon — Day 1


I’m participating in ANOTHER read-a-thon!  This one lasts today (Monday, July 8th) through Wednesday, July 10th.  This read-a-thon is hosted by Lori at Pure Imagination, Angela & Loretta at Reading Angels and Candace at Candace’s Book Blog. For more information, visit the info page here!

About Me

Since I just did this, I’m going to refer you to my post from last week as well as my About Me page.

However, a few random facts about me:

  • I’m from Texas, but I don’t have a southern accent
  • I’ve read 143 books since January… I’m a bit obsessed
  • I’m a nerd… I love Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, comic books, science was my favorite subject, and I love school
  • I’m in my second Master’s program — I told you I loved school!
  • I have two kids who love books (almost) as much as I do!


I know, I know, I JUST spent 7 days doing a read-a-thon.  I must be crazy to do another one right?


Well, no.  I love to read and the last one went so well, hopefully I will make new friends, have fun with the ones I’ve made, and I’ll get some more reading done.  Win/win for sure!  Since it is day one, I’m going to list my goals.  I really want to try to read 2-3 books during the read-a-thon.  Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish:

1. Read Promise Me This! (Already 45% done – LOVING this one!)

2. Read Letters from Nowhere by Julie Cross (no cover yet)  This one comes out August 1st, but I really want to read it.

3. FINALLY finish The 5th Wave… This book is something I’m not getting into for some reason.

I’m sure I’ll change my mind by the end of the read-a-thon! I kind of tend to do that 🙂

Other Goals

Unrelated to book reading, but still a goal for the week: finish watching Big Brother Canada.  My new friend Meagan got me hooked and I’m kind of anxious to see how it all goes down.


Make new friends! Duh!  This was the best part of last week, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with some of those peeps this week too.


Challenge Post

Today’s mini challenge is hosted by Cover 2 Cover!  Go check her out.

1. Which book you are most excited to read in the coming year? It can be already released or coming soon.

I’m MOST excited about two books: Allegiant & Crown of Midnight

I don’t think I need to explain either of these choices.  🙂


2. Which book would you re-read if you had the time and weren’t so busy reading ALL of the other good things?

Before I Fall – This was a book I really loved and really touched my heart.  I want to read it again, but I just haven’t found time between all the books I need to read and still haven’t read.

Solitary – I JUST read this series in January when the final book was released, but the series was THAT good.  I’m still sad the journey is over.

Harry Potter – DUH.  I could read this series over and over and never get tired of it.

3. and lastly, If you could meet any fictional character who would it be and why?

Oi, this is a tough one!  I know it isn’t a book, but I’d definitely want to meet the Doctor the most.  He’s just cool. Like bow ties are cool.


Well, that’s it for today!  Keep in touch and I look forward to this read-a-thon!


Read-a-thon Progress:
Promise Me This: 45%