Enjoying the Holidays… Bookish Style


The holiday season is here!  In the midst of turkey and family and shopping, our poor little books can easily get neglected.  Here is a guide to getting through the holidays as a book worm.

1. Portion out your turkey

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Yes, we all know eating a Thanksgiving feast is like trying to fit a week’s worth of food in one day.  But TURKEY has tryptophan. And that makes you sleepy (allegedly; the jury is still out on that one).  Really, I think it is ALL the food and the exhaustion of trying not to devour everything in sight.  Either way, portions = less sleep.  Less sleep = more time to read!

Plus, Thanksgiving leftovers are almost better than the meal itself!
Otherwise, this might be you:


2. Avoid “tangent” talks

deanwhatareyoutalkingabout sheldonstoplistening

You know them.  Usually, they revolve around politics, religion, grades, and what you are going to do with your future.  Avoid these conversations at all costs.  Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a 2 hour conversation with Uncle Jack and Aunt Myrtle.  And you just can’t get that time back.

3. Take some time for yourself.

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Yes, the holidays are about family.  But they are also supposed to be a time to refresh, energize.  So hide in a closet, bathroom, or under your bed.  Take 10-15 minutes and spend quality time with your other family: books.

4. Opt out of Thanksgiving Day Shopping

havefunstormingthecastle iimmediatelyregretthisdecision kellytheoffice_bananas

I’m all for a good deal, but the holidays are supposed to be about family and friends (AND FOOOOOOD), not about saving $10.  I’m not getting to see any  family this year because they have to work ON THANKSGIVING.  This kind of breaks my heart, because I know I’m not alone. So stay home, talk books with your cousins, and use the extra time you didn’t spend in line, READING.

5. Do Black Friday ONLINE


If you need something, buy online.  I mean, no lines, how can you resist? Then you’ll have all that time left for READING.

6. Avoid arguments with this person.

Happy Endings - Reading's stupid TV rules

We all know this is flawed logic.  But trying to convince a non-bookish person that a book is more awesome by arguing is like yelling at a fly.  It’s not going to get you anywhere.  INSTEAD, pop in an awesome bookish movie, like Hunger Games and pique their interest.  Then quietly slip your copy on their pillow or in their suitcase.  Your sanity will thank you.



Enjoy your time!  If you embrace the insanity that is time with family, you will be much happier.  (And if not, that book in the bathroom thing always works!)