Enjoying the Holidays… Bookish Style


The holiday season is here!  In the midst of turkey and family and shopping, our poor little books can easily get neglected.  Here is a guide to getting through the holidays as a book worm.

1. Portion out your turkey

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Yes, we all know eating a Thanksgiving feast is like trying to fit a week’s worth of food in one day.  But TURKEY has tryptophan. And that makes you sleepy (allegedly; the jury is still out on that one).  Really, I think it is ALL the food and the exhaustion of trying not to devour everything in sight.  Either way, portions = less sleep.  Less sleep = more time to read!

Plus, Thanksgiving leftovers are almost better than the meal itself!
Otherwise, this might be you:


2. Avoid “tangent” talks

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You know them.  Usually, they revolve around politics, religion, grades, and what you are going to do with your future.  Avoid these conversations at all costs.  Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a 2 hour conversation with Uncle Jack and Aunt Myrtle.  And you just can’t get that time back.

3. Take some time for yourself.

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Yes, the holidays are about family.  But they are also supposed to be a time to refresh, energize.  So hide in a closet, bathroom, or under your bed.  Take 10-15 minutes and spend quality time with your other family: books.

4. Opt out of Thanksgiving Day Shopping

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I’m all for a good deal, but the holidays are supposed to be about family and friends (AND FOOOOOOD), not about saving $10.  I’m not getting to see any  family this year because they have to work ON THANKSGIVING.  This kind of breaks my heart, because I know I’m not alone. So stay home, talk books with your cousins, and use the extra time you didn’t spend in line, READING.

5. Do Black Friday ONLINE


If you need something, buy online.  I mean, no lines, how can you resist? Then you’ll have all that time left for READING.

6. Avoid arguments with this person.

Happy Endings - Reading's stupid TV rules

We all know this is flawed logic.  But trying to convince a non-bookish person that a book is more awesome by arguing is like yelling at a fly.  It’s not going to get you anywhere.  INSTEAD, pop in an awesome bookish movie, like Hunger Games and pique their interest.  Then quietly slip your copy on their pillow or in their suitcase.  Your sanity will thank you.



Enjoy your time!  If you embrace the insanity that is time with family, you will be much happier.  (And if not, that book in the bathroom thing always works!)



Gratitude GIVEAWAY Hop

gratitude 2013

When I started this blog in April, it was an outlet for me.  I never expected it to become what it is now, where I wake up every day ready to read, review, and most importantly, interact with YOU guys!  So, it seemed important to join this giveaway hop.  This is a thank you to all of my loyal readers and fans.  And if you are new to the team, welcome aboard!

SO, here’s what I’m offering: THREE lucky winners are going to get a signed copy of one of Colleen Hoover’s amazing books.  I’ve got a copy of  Slammed, Point of Retreat, and Hopeless.  You guys know that Colleen Hoover is one of my favorite authors, because she is both an AMAZING writer (seriously, she started out so great and just gets better and better) and an awesome person.  This summer, I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to meet Colleen.  She was gracious enough to give these copies to me for my readers when I let her know I was a book blogger.  So, please go by her website and say THANK YOU for being her awesome self.

Not only will three people win a paperback copy of the books (signed, eek!), but one lucky person will also get a Colleen Hoover tote and bookmark.  Seriously you guys, I’ve been holding these goodies for awhile just waiting for the perfect time to give them away.

The best part: the giveaway has ONE entry.  Just be a fan — follow your favorite way and let me know how you did.  That’s it — you’re entered!

2013-07-27 14.00.56 2013-07-27 13.57.06

2013-07-27 13.56.53 

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Thanksgivaway Blog Hop

Welcome to the first annual Thanksgivaway

As if there was not enough to celebrate in the next month or two but Book2Buzz and Closed the Cover and friends decided to make it that much more special! 

This giveaway is massive. No make that EPIC

Prize? OMG, You’re going to scream for joy!

One lucky winner will win a KINDLE FIRE HD pre loaded with over 50 books! SQUEEE!

There are a couple of other awesome prizes for other winners too!

This giveaway took a couple months of planning, and tons of authors and bloggers are involved! I am going to warn ya…the Rafflecopter is crazy long but the payout is ridiculously awesome! 

Take a peek below to your prize, just WAITING for you!

Here is a list of all the books already loaded on your brand new KINDLE HD, and other awesome prizes available!

Strength by Carrie Butler
Wicked Hunger by DelSheree Gladden
A God For All Seasons by Patti Tingen
Moonlight Dancer by Debra Atwood
Following Your Heart by Cheryl Persons
Mixing Business with Pleasure by Cheryl Persons
The Descendant by Samantha McMillian
The Last King of Ireland by Brian Igoe
The Story of Ireland by Brian Igoe
The Story of Napper Tandy by Brian Igoe
Confessions of a Gunfighter by Tell Cotten
Death of a Socialite by Isabel Saenz
Sworn to Raise by Terah Edun
Phantom by Laura DeLuca
The Disappearing Girl by Heather Wood
First Visions by Heather Wood
Broken Faith by Brandy Nacole
Uniquely Unwelcome by Brandy Nacole
Motorcross Me by Cheyanna Young
Not Your Fault by Cheyanna Young
Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs

and so much more! 

So, without further ado…Happy Thanksgiving to all and good luck in the THANKSGIVAWAY
One lucky winner will receive a Kindle Fire HD, pre-loaded with lots of great e-books.  Contest is open to US only.  For more information on rules, visit Book2Buzz or Closed the Cover.

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